steem is booming it can became rocket $1.5 is near

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The Steem News @ 9 May 2021 - STEEM will hits 1.5$ surely soon

There's plenty of time to learn, and there are several experts around to help you.

So you've decided to spend your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram time on Steemit, a revolutionary social media site that pays you for your votes/comments.

While you're slowly settling in, why not earn some free Steem/SBD!

Below is a list of some contests/giveaways on Steemit that you should definitely participate in.
The list isn't in any particular order and it isn't exhaustive.

  1. Meme Challenge by @fibra59
    A entertaining and popular contest to tickle your funny bones, it is sponsored by several Steemians and it'll certainly put you under the meme spotlight.
    Tag - memechallenge

  2. Open Mic Week by @luzcypher/ @pfunk
    This contest will allow you to get your musical juices flowing. Make a musical video and submit it now.
    Tag - openmic

  3. Wild and Strange Contest/Steem-Pocalypse by @papa-pepper
    Two very interesting contests running into their 5th and 3rd seasons respectively, you don't want to miss grabbing a spot on the next edition.
    Tag - wildnstrange / steem-pocalypse

  4. STEEM Cup Series/Steemit Scramble by @ats-david
    If you are a sport enthusiast or otherwise, don't miss out on participating in these sporting event related contests.
    Check out the latest contest here.

  5. Art Challenge by @aksinya
    You don't need to be an artist to join. Just interpret an artwork that is posted in your own words.
    Tag - artchallenge

  6. Steemit Photo Challenge by @jamtaylor/ @berniesanders
    Show your passion for photography by submitting your best entries related to a theme.
    Tag - steemitphotochallenge

  7. Beautiful Sunday Challenge by @ace108
    Make your Steemit weekend even more special by posting a beautiful story on Sunday.
    Tag - beautifulsunday

  8. Crypto Contest by @maarnio
    You just need to select one of the 3 options for a chance to win in this daily contest that also gives you crypto information.
    Check out the latest contest here.

  9. Comment of the Day by @awesomianist/ @acidyo
    If you stumble across an interesting comment on Steemit, nominate it. You and the person who made the comment could win rewards.
    Tag - comment

  10. Daily Health Score by @steemit-health/ @dan-atstarlite
    Aimed at promoting healthy living, you can participate in 4 daily contests.
    Tag - steemit-health

  11. Guess The Word by @steemcollator
    You need to guess the word from the given clue for a chance to win.
    Check out the latest contest here.

  12. Steemit Culinary Challenge by @woman-onthe-wing/ @smooth/ @sirwinchester
    Let the chef within you take center-stage. Prepare a dish according to the theme given and submit your entries.
    Tag - steemitculinarychallenge