The bed that can save lives in the earthquake (video)

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Suddenly the night broke. As soon as the earthquake started, the earthquake started. The earthquake intensity is high, many times the roof collapses, many people are killed. But now you will not be hurt if you are asleep while earthquake. Because Wang Wenxie has a design bed that will keep you safe during an earthquake.

Suddenly when the earthquake begins to happen when the earthquake starts itself, the bed gets wrapped in a steel box, so if the roof breaks down, the inside of which you are absolutely safe is absolutely safe.

Deutsche Welle reported that more than 90,000 people were killed or missing in the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan province of China. Since then, earthquake-resistant homes and furniture have started coming to the market.

Wang Wenxi-designed earthquake-resistant bed patent was taken in 2010. Since then, he has designed a variety of earthquake resistant beds.

In most cases, the sleepy person falls into the gap between the two sides of the bed, the upper lid closes - but there is room for food, water, and other equipment.

The two things which were not shown in Wang's video are: How do the relief workers find this bed or box in the ruins of the house after the earthquake; Secondly, the owner of the bed or box or how to get out of it. But in the sleeping out of the box, there is no chance of breaking his hands or feet, because there are no hands - why do not you tell the slanderers.

Cigarettes can be questioned about the bed weight and price. But on the night of the earthquake in the night, if the roof breaks, the bed that can save the life, he must have a bit of hard-to-do.

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