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Hi everyone!!

I thought I would share some insight with you today that I have gained on my adventures through inter-dimensional space travel.

Now I'm no religious person or anything but when you come to find that everything is so deeply connected, the universe is one giant fractal, and our world is a million-zillion wholes inside a bigger whole inside another whole and another and it goes on for infinity. When you fully realize this things start coming together like a giant puzzle and you see everything for what it is, its all the same story.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" - John 1:1

The "Word", or "God" is the frequency, the vibration of all things and all sounds.

In the beginning god existed in the void as a light within the darkness, whole and the same. As the light became aware it expanded, feeling alone in the darkness god god separated itself in order to experience more, and then again and again until the universe was born.

"God" or the youniverse as I like to call it, expanded into every possible reality that could ever exist. And within this mission to seek out every possible version of every possible reality in every conceivable multiverse, you were born, and this all-experiencing frequency that runs through you, that is you, is what gives you inspiration, its what gives you creativity, it makes you want to explore, dream, and imagine yourself doing everything you could ever want to do. This is god, so don't deny god the experience that "he created you"/"you created you" to experience.

Go out and plan to achieve the wildest dreams that you can imagine because that is god within you seeking to experience the world through your perception, and if you try with belief, you will be given all the power and synchronicity in order to live that "dream".

Aho mitakuye oyasin!!

Blessings on your journey and may you always live your bliss.

Open3ye Divine


Wow! What a great way to look at everything -- I'm so glad I stumbled onto this! I already resteemed this because I appreciate the work you put into it.

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Thank you, I appreciate that!

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