Happy Easter | The Diary Game 04/04/2021

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eco Greetings Steemians,
Today, our textile recycling and fashion designing hub was closed because its Easter Sunday. As such, we all at #ecoDesigns are sending you the best of Easter wishes.
Enjoy your day!

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EcoDesigns is a textile recycling and fashion designing hub of The Greens (@thegreens) that trains young girls for FREE in Textile Recycling and Fashion Designing in a bid to reduce female unemployment, inequalities and poverty, promote female entrepreneurship, improve the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people via the donation of free clothes, as well as combat textile waste pollution and climate change

@ecoDesigns post rewards are used for the payment of rents for the hub, purchase of new machines, maintenance of the old machines and for the overall functioning of the hub

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