Coffee 'N Crypto with EasyDex | Episode #1 [7/11 at 3 PM EST / 7 PM UTC.]

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A new crypto and blockchain community-centric show is coming to you live on Wednesdays at 3 PM EST / 7 PM UTC.

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Coffee 'N Crypto with EasyDex is a new 30-minute show coming from the EasyDex community and is hosted by myself @chiefmappster.

Hosted on the EasyDex Discord server here , Coffee 'N Crypto with EasyDex will discuss:

  • all thing crypto,
  • the newest ICO news,
  • information regarding EasyDex,
  • updates on blockchain-based projects,
  • interviews with blockchain and crypto-related individuals,
  • and updates from the EasyDex community.

We are excited to bring maximum value and provide as much insight and knowledge about the crypto/blockchain space as well as information about the newest DEX to take on the crypto scene, EasyDex.


This is a great opportunity to learn, interact, and network with others in this emerging crypto and blockchain industry.

Future guests will include influencers from the crypto space, developers of blockchain-based projects, blockchain entrepreneurs, and founders of blockchain-based projects (with many others to come).

We will pack all this in a digestible 30-minute segment so you can fit it in your busy schedule.

This first episode of Coffee 'N Crypto with EasyDex includes:

  • a brief overview of the movers and shakers this past week in the crypto and blockchain landscape,
  • insights on recruiting for crypto and blockchain based projects and businesses
  • an interview with EasyDex co-founders @thewalrus and @patelincho
  • updates about EasyDex including newest Share Drop information and possible coins being listed on the DEX.
  • answering questions from the audience and community.

This is going to be a knowledge-filled 30 minutes so make sure to mark your calendars, get your listening ears ready, and get your questions ready.

Excited to bring another avenue to help people with this new show Coffee 'N Crypto with EasyDex.

It will premiere this Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time / 7 PM UTC in the EasyDex Discord server here:


Much love and appreciation for your time and attention.

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Hey Chief-this is gonna be great and am looking forward to the first episode. I always like to learn new crypto stuff and keep updated on the latest happenings. Wishing you and the team the very best :)

Thank you kind sirrrrrrrrr. Hope all is well with you.

Much love and respect bud.

Nice @chiefmappster 💥 all the best with the new format

Very nice informative post.

GReat!!!! i hope to attend at 3 PM, i would gladly listen to the show, good day @chiefmappster :D

Appreciate you :)