Picking Clothing for Ebay Sales..

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Hello fellow Steemians! Today we went out for a bit to go sourcing for our Ebay store. We only had a short period of time and were only able to visit a couple of stores but we did find a couple nice items to share with you today! The first item that we found was this Men's Medium Cinch shirt it is really nice and in good condition and we always seem to do quite well with Cinch, it is a great brand to be on the lookout for!
IMG_9270 (2).JPG
The next one I would like to share is this Nat Nast 100% silk Men's XL shirt with great graphics on it. This is actually the very first Nat Nast that we have found and we are looking forward to getting this listed and seeing what we are able to get for it and how long it takes to sell!
IMG_9279 (2).JPG
The next item to share is this Men's size 46 90's Ki Jana Carter Bengals Starter Jersey. It isn't a really high end brand or jersey or player for that matter but someone will find nostalgiac value in this jersey and I think we can get about $20-$30 out of it with the right buyer.
We also found this Women's XL Tommy Hilfiger sweater with the big H on the front. Again not the most high end of brands or highest priced sweater but it is nice and it was only $1 and we should be able to sell this for $12-$15 or somewhere near that range.
I also found a very nice Hugo Boss polo shirt, but since I have very few nice short sleeved shirts I decided to hold on to it..lol! If you enjoy the content please Upvote and comment below and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this...Thank you!


That's a cool Nat Nast shirt, I like the Atomic sytle print, I always pick up that type of print , it has a fashion subculture following !!

I make a nice amount of extra income selling Thrifted items on eBay...how much I make depends on how much I work it and what cool stuff I find...I Post here and I Vlog the Hauls & Solds and the journey of a Thrifty ReSeller... you don't even need money to start, you can begin by selling stuff from around your home or ask Friends & Fam to donate items .... ....Find it, List It, Sell it, repeat :)
You are welcome to follow me here on Steemit and on YouTube.
Sincerely, Yvon

Actually I Sold It The Day I Listed It!🤣 For A Handsome Profit I Must Say 😀

I believe that !!

Really beautiful photos, love your setup. :)

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