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RE: Picking Clothing for Ebay Sales..

in #ebay4 years ago

That's a cool Nat Nast shirt, I like the Atomic sytle print, I always pick up that type of print , it has a fashion subculture following !!

I make a nice amount of extra income selling Thrifted items on much I make depends on how much I work it and what cool stuff I find...I Post here and I Vlog the Hauls & Solds and the journey of a Thrifty ReSeller... you don't even need money to start, you can begin by selling stuff from around your home or ask Friends & Fam to donate items .... ....Find it, List It, Sell it, repeat :)
You are welcome to follow me here on Steemit and on YouTube.
Sincerely, Yvon


Actually I Sold It The Day I Listed It!🤣 For A Handsome Profit I Must Say 😀

I believe that !!

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