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Some of those ads are not skippable so you have to sit through it and it's pretty maddening as a viewer because your concentration is broken and then when the video picks back up after the ad you've completely lost your train of thought and you can't even remember what the person was talking about so if i am frustrated as a viewer i am 100 sure that my audience on youtube is frustrated too so maybe they're not even watching my videos anymore because the ads are so annoying and disruptive and i completely understand that so it is time for something different now don't worry i am not abandoning my youtube channel learning about ebay is a visual process.

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And i understand that sellers need to see the photos of items or the specific workflows like in a tutorial you need to see that to learn it so that's not going to go away i'm going to continue to put out youtube videos where the visual content is essential to learning about the topic like the one hundred dollar super size sales or my sales updates those types of videos where you need to see what i'm talking about so you can recognize the item when you are out there treasure hunting my vision for a podcast is that it's going to enhance the learning process it will be another layer of teaching communicating with my audience and sharing experiences especially on topics where a visual is not necessary another benefit on my end is that creating a podcast is so much more time-efficient than creating a ebay listing templates

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Are not going away i promise you that i've been on youtube since 2007 and here and there putting out videos sometimes but really got consistent in 2017. so that is not going away i have built that platform so i'm not just going to abandon it but i preach time efficiency in everything so creating content is no different podcasts can be created pretty quickly so that means more episodes more often now your next question might be suzanne what will your podcast be about and this is still in development but at this point i plan for a variety of things including fun and entertaining ebay seller stories frequently asked questions like things i see in my facebook group or in the youtube comments that sellers need an answer to important ebay updates and all the topics that are most important.

To the at-home seller, i've noticed a lot of youtube content directed towards eBay sellers is for sellers who want to just be huge who want to have thousands of items and a warehouse and hire people and that is not the average person in my experience the average eBay seller has a small home business that they love and they just want to learn how to make more money also the content on youtube has evolved to more like reality tv with shopping hauls and it's just not real educational which is what I look for when i want to learn more about how to make money on eBay and so what I'm looking for is not there so i decided I'm going to create ebay listing template design so my end goal for this podcast