Motorcycle Update: Good News, Bad News

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Bad news first. The one I was preparing to buy was bought out from under me by somebody else literally one day before I would've had the money I needed to buy it. Sometimes that happens, no use crying over spilled milk.

The good news is, there's another motorcycle by the same manufacturer (Zero) for the same price. It's in Idaho, one state over, so I'd need to pay ~$200 shipping to get it here. It's got green body panels instead of black, but they are designed to be swappable for the color you want.

It's also a 2013 instead of 2015. But electric vehicles have so few moving parts that maintenance is not nearly as big an issue for them as for gas bikes. The previous owner also replaced the original 9kwh battery with a 12.5kwh upgraded one in 2015, which will give it a significantly improved range versus the one I was going to buy before. It's got only ~2,200 miles on the odometer versus well over 4,000 on the other one, which is also a plus.

The speedo is also the old analogue dial version. I much prefer the newer all digital speedo. But they're modular, I can have it upgraded at the local Zero dealership for a reasonable fee:

The gist is that, like STEEM Cycle, this bike is going to be something of a project it seems. It will need a little bit of work to get it exactly how I like it. But then, that's part of the fun of two wheelers in general, isn't it? Working on them, tuning every little part, dialing everything in to your exact preference until it fits you like a glove.

I've never dealt with interstate shipping of something this large before, either. Not since moving my old scooter up from Florida, anyhow. I don't really remember all the shit that went into arranging for that. But while I have a poor memory, I make up for it by being a quick learner. ("re-learner"?)

More info as it comes.


I mean, it sucks about the other bike, but this one looks like it could serve you just as well and it's also got a lot less use on it which is nice. I actually really dig how the new one looks, but I'm a sucker for green with black, lol. I'm glad to see you're getting a bike still though, and I'm looking forward to posts on it!

To be honest, you've got me kinda wanting to get a bike, haha. But, that would be something to do in like 5-10 years from now probably in my case.

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200 it's not too much for it, plus you will get a 12.5kwh that really improve the motorcycle

That's what I was thinking. It's just enough extra range that I can reach all the places I want to around Portland with many miles of range to spare, so I won't have to worry about running out.

I'm totally agree man i find it a good buy. Regards sir

One dream goes and one dream take the place! That's the meaning of life! Actually I didn't see this bike before. In my country there are a lot of Indian and Chinese bikes in cheap price range, so other well known manufacturers have no chance to compete with them :/ That's really bad thing, and my personal bike also had damn petrol tank leak :/ I had to repair it 10-12 times so far :/
Anyway ride safe and wish you all the best! When you get it to your hands, hope to see more details about it! Thanks for sharing such great personal experience with us! Really appreciate your effort!

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Gas will always let you down. Too complicated, too many moving parts, fluids, and so on. This is why even when I was at my brokest in Florida I still saved my pennies for an electric scooter instead of gas. Electric is simple. No fluids. Very few moving parts. Short range, but won't break down, and easy to service if you know anything about electrical stuff.

Even an electric mountain bike might be a good fit for you. I bet the laws are not as strict about that where you are, and these days electric bike kits exist that can achieve speeds of up to 50mph. For safety I would recommend a maximum of 30mph though unless you build an all new bike around a frame that can handle the stresses of hitting bumps at high speed.

Actually I like electra bikes! But the problem is price of batteries and support stuffs are rare in my country! As a result of that I was thinking to shifting to hybrid version!
45 Km in battery, rest by using petrol and while we drive via petrol battery will recharge! So, I was thinking to move there, but still my mind not set for that! Coz, support stuffs and parts are not yet available :/
Actually I'm driving little fast around 80 Kmph but I don't care the speed, I need something eco friendly!
Thank you very much for your kind response! Appreciate it!


In a situation like that, the best answer is to build it yourself. You will learn a lot along the way like I did with my electric bicycle and save a lot of money since most of the cost of anything is the labor of assembling it.

I have not checked, but I bet there is some steemit airbrush artist close to you. I follow @neonartist, but he is in Kazakhstan, (I think). If you don't like the panels, find someone like @neonartist, and really kick the bike up a notch, maybe a cool lightning god type motif, (Thor, or Odin). Color when getting a project toy should mean nothing, easy or hard to change depending on direction chosen. Good luck on project.

That's a good point. Now I'm imagining the cool shit I could get airbrushed onto it...although honestly my style is mostly plain blacks and greys. I don't like color or detail on anything, I like stuff to feel neutral and utilitarian.

easy or hard to change depending on direction chosen.

make it easy, I also prefer the blend in choice. I'm not a "Hey look at me" and my cool tricked out fabulously hand painted by slave wages labor bike. There is something to be said for the understated muted look.(my preference) Life is about choices, we make them and hope we don't regret them, cause there is damned all we can do about them once made.

Well there's always good after every bad and it's a a new version and plus the price to get it here not not bad either , I think it's a take it moment

Congratulations .. finally you get the electric motor though with additional cost.
Very cool zero motor, maybe this will be my choice also with colors like soldiers look very cool

Wow, this post is really making me want an electric bike over gas! I have thought about it before but I didn't know they have become such a big thing now! that model looks well built from the pictures, I can't wait to see what you post in the future. I gave you an upvote, Followed, and resteemed for ya brother. great post was a pleasure to read.

That is the dream purchasing a zero ebike. I am so jealous right now, they are just about the coolest things on two wheels. When you get it you have to do a review for us.

For sure, I will.

Geez, arriving late to a sell is always painful. Also, I've never shipped anything bigger than a briefcase. Quite the experience.

Wow.. nice hybrid bike alex.. 😊 I'm wishing you to have it and congrats..
Also I'm very glad if I can buy a hybrid bike in our country.. but we are not fortunate enough..🙁 I have some indian shit with 40Km for 1 petrol liter.. 😜
I was comments and upvoted your few post.. but you did not reply me.. I wonder what is the reason.. any way upvoted this too..

Not hybrid actually, only electric. All battery, no gas. But that's cool you have a bike, you can have a lot of fun with anything on two wheels if you ask me.

It is great to hear... 😊 Thank you very much for your upvote.. 👌👍🙌

This looks like a good buy. This bike is a killer bike. I Love bikes.

This ebike looks amazing! I am sure the acceleration of it is extremely good experience! Thanks for sharing!

Upvote and follow.
I am motorcyclist too. :)Nice to meet you. This one is a Good choice, I realy want to try a electric motorcycle. I once tried an electric scooter, feeling good :)

Good post motorcycle. .

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'bike is ready' now it's time to have a fun. congratulation @alexbeyman

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@alexbeyman - Sire, love that bike. Who is manufactured it Sire? Love your post Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

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Zero Motors.

Do your purchases. It's very beautiful. sttem Ebike. great post sir.
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Congratulations ..get the electric motor/////////////

Very glad you can have electric motor that you like alex

Damm now this is looking Insanely Gorgeous

Sounds like you got an even better deal than before. It would appear that you already have a good plan for your new cycle. Be happy! 🐓🐓

Good post to your sharing!
I like post! Good luck!!!