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The first real step in my journey with Prosocial Labs is this ebook called "Introduction to Cryptoeconomics - The Path Towards a Trust Economy", which just went live on Amazon and can be purchased here. If you are really interested in this subject but cannot afford the cost, give me a shout out and I can send a bunch of free copies out to people.

At this moment the ebook only exists on Amazon, but in a couple of days I will also publish it on platforms that permit referrals and anyone that has access to information networks can promote this ebook and get a portion of the sales. If you are interested in this, we can get in touch and I will send you a copy so that you know exactly what you are promoting :).

One of the chapters is dedicated to the steem ecosystem, explaining the unique steem blockchain mechanics and presents three goal oriented communities that operated in this space, @utopian-io @fundition and @steemstem .


Ebook short description:

"Welcome to Introduction to Cryptoeconomics - the Path Towards a Trust Economy, a non-technical approach to understanding bitcoin and the new digital trust economy that was mined into existence in 2009.

The most common misconception in the cryptocurrency space is that it all boils down to market value. Back in 2010 with the dot-com bubble burst, a lot of people lost faith in the internet and thought it was a dying technology just because most internet companies failed. There are a lot of similarities between the internet and the crypto space today, the main one being that the true value lies in the technology itself, not the market value designated by speculation. So, sit back and enjoy an ebook about cryptocurrency that does not promise to make you rich, but will attempt to explain this technology and put in into perspective."

Table of content:

1. Understanding value
2. The story of money
3. The internet
- Why structure is important
- Openness to innovation
- The internet and the economy
4. Cryptocurrency and the origin of Bitcoin
5. Understanding Bitcoin
- What is mining?
- What is blockchain technology?
- How a Bitcoin wallet works
- Why cryptocurrencies are an upgrade to money.
6. Ethereum and the tokenized economy
- Initial Coin Offerings and the democratization of funding
- Cats and blockchain - Cryptokitties 
7. Steem and the attention economy
- How the steem blockchain works 
- The Attention Economy
- Steem and Goal Oriented Communities
8. Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading
9. Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies    
10. A Blockchain powered Trust Economy 



salut Lisu :Dhai cu Steem power sa auzim numai de lucruri bune

Congratulations! Sounds interesting.

Hi @lishu!
First of all Congratulations! I know it takes a great deal of dedication for this :)
I would like to know more about the book, could you reach me on discord katerinaramm#7862 please or twitter? (@katerinaramm1)

Hey, I am really glad to see you are interested in this project :)

I just got in contact on discord, looking forward to talking with you.

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Dear @lishu

Just decided to see how have you been doing, since I didn't hear from you in a while. I noticed that you didnt post anything in a while.

Did you give up on Steemit? :(


Hey, nice to see that someone really cares :)

I did not give up, but I am involved in so many projects that I did not have time to post in this period. But I really feel the need to come back and produce regular content :)

Hi @lishu

Thanks for replying to my previous comment. I always appreciate people who engage back.

ps I noticed you're from Romania. Im Polish. so we're almost like a neighbours :P


Yep, neighbours and we are also experiencing a regression towards authoritarianism in both countries.

Is this something you find interesting, what do you think is the problem and what solutions do you see :)?

Great comment @lishu. I really appreciate the fact that you're so responsive.

Steemit needs more people like yourself. Have a great day buddy.

we are also experiencing a regression towards authoritarianism in both countries.

Would you mind telling me more about it? I've been living in Asia for many years and Im not very familiar. So I may not have any view yet.

Good friend of mine is looking for two crypto writers and one social media marketer. Check out my latest post if this kind of job would be something you (or someone you know) may be interested.

Cheers, Piotr

Thanks for the tip for the job, I will consider it if a parttime can be arranged.

So, I am not that in tune with the political situation in Poland, but in Romania the very old political class that has an almost 30-year rule in the country has made so many shitty things that most of them are facing jail time.

At the moment there is a campaign to reform the justice laws in order for them to avoid going to jail and this can only be done against the will of the people, thus the slip into authoritarianism.

Its a complicated and messy situation and it makes me sick to waste time talking about problems when we need solutions :)

So, what are you doing in Asia?

Dear @lishu

I'm sorry for such a late reply. I only realized now that I've missed your previous comment somehow.

Its a complicated and messy situation and it makes me sick to waste time talking about problems when we need solutions :)

That doesnt sound very optimistic.

So, what are you doing in Asia?

I used to travel a lot in the past. I even stayed for over 3 years in thailand in muay thai camp (thai boxing) and I used to fight.

I got old and my career is over, but I felt in love with Malaysian girl and Im stuck here now hahaha :)

Story of my life

It seems like a nice story :)

So, fighter turned crypto enthusiast, that sound very interesting. Do you have any posts about this?

Dear @lishu

How come you stopped posting anything on Steemit? :(


So, I wrote an ebook and now I am in the process of translating it into Romanian.

I also am trying to launch a startup and working on the ideological framework.

And I am also active in a civic project called "The house of activism".

So, my time and energy is quite limited and I don't know if you read my posts, but I only post about serious well thought things and this is not easy to do :)