How to Choose a Profitable Niche and Dominate It

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Know the Competition

It can be invaluable to you to take some time to visit the top websites in the niche that you want to enter. If you want to get to the top, you should emulate the ones that are already in that position. You do not want to copy what they are doing, just learn from their experience.

  1. What does the site look like?

Notice the colors of the background and the text. You will likely notice that the top websites in your desired niche to not look like the rest of the niches.

a. Take note of the text – style, color and size

b. See how things highlight (or change color when the cursor moves over them).

c. Consider the graphics or pictures (or lack of them).

d. Be especially aware of any advertisements – the number, size and placement.

e. Notice the links that might be on the site. Sometimes these can be valuable research sources as well.

  1. Comment on the website or register with the services so that you can get updates about the site but also so you can begin to build a rapport with other people in the niche that you are interested in pursuing.

  2. If you feel confident (and comfortable) you might consider emailing the site owner or writer directly.


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