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…continued… from part 1 and part 2


D. Sustain your cash flow.

Sustaining your cash flow has a lot to do with your productivity. You need to place a priority on your productivity. There is only one way to sustain your flow of income and that is by staying productive. The moment your productivity drops, your cash flow will follow suit and when your cash flow drops, you are limited in so many ways. The higher your productivity level, the higher your cash flow and vice versa.

If you are tired of where you are, you only need to do two things, and I mean just two things. First, either you do more so you can be overqualified for your position and gain the attention of those who will recommend you for something better and greater or you do poorly or worse in what has been entrusted into your care and you will be replaced. Everyone wants value and productivity is a huge part of that.


E. Optimize your resources.

In Economics, we always say that resources are limited in nature and that is the truth. There is no room for wastage and if you cannot afford it, for now, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford it later. If you live by this rule, I think it will help you and save you from unnecessary debts; ”If you can’t afford it now, it means you don’t need it now”.

Gather your fragments and nothing should be wasted. Some things should be reduced and some things must be completely cut off. Live within your means and not above it so you wouldn’t deprive yourself of the quality of life that you deserved.


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What many refuse to acknowledge is that a company or organization absorb someone that can add value through being productive but instead our attention is shifted towards what we studied while in school with the thoughts that it is enough to bring food on the table for us.

I think the best we have to do is not to go for things we can't afford to get a particular time unless it is worthwhile just like a debt that could provide income and not just luxury.

Going for things we cannot afford will always leave us in a state of perpetual debt and when our finance is affected, then our quality of life would be affected too. Even in friendship, we need someone who offers value not to even talk about organizations. Value is important and the salary we receive is as a result of the value that we offer.

Thanks for this lovely contribution, brother. Always appreciated.