Illinois bankrupt due to criminal, corrupt, city, county and teacher employees

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Illinois is broke due to criminal city and county government employees. Yes, 63,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Salaries Cost Taxpayers $10 Billion from a recent article on Zero Hedge 7-26-2017. Here are some examples.

For example you have 20,295 teachers and school administrators – including superintendents Joyce Carmine ($398,229) at Park Forest School District 63, Troy Paraday ($384,138) at Calumet City School District 155, and Jon Nebor ($377,409) at Indian Springs School District 109. Four of the top five salaries are in the south suburbs – not the affluent north shore.

Then there is 9,567 college and university employees – including the southern Illinois junior college power couple Dale Chapman ($465,420) and Linda Terrill Chapman ($217,290). The pair combined for a $682,000 income at Lewis and Clark Community College. You have got to be kidding me $682,710.00 per year salary at a JUNIOR COLLEGE. I went to one of the top 30 Colleges in the nation and the PhD professors got around $50,000.00 a year.

Where else on this planet can you get a six figure income to be a local truck driver, tree trimmer, and street light repair worker? These criminal municipal and school employees need to be brought to justice. Wait until Illinois explodes in unrest do to the financial collapse. Guess where the people are going to look to place the blame? Enjoy your blotted pensions and salaries while you can.


Just resteem this article! Thanks for the real info about corruption in mid America. I think that would cause taxpayers very mad. @briandenver

This is beyond appalling, and as far as I am concerned, a purposeful take-down. And we should know that if it is happening in Illinois, it is not the only state to be undermined and destroyed like this. People have GOT to wake up, before there is nothing left to save! Thanks for posting this, Jetblake.

I agree. I am afraid it is in every state. Between you and me, I do not think the country will pull out. I think a major economic hardship is coming and only a handful that have prepared will struggle to make it. I think most will experience difficult daily trials. I am trying to get out of debt, save some can goods and have some silver and crypto currencies. Other than that perhaps some good neighbors and family to pull together. Do you have any ideas?

I think that is a solid plan. Keeping low being "the gray man" not attracting attention if possible. You can stack a lot of canned food from dollar stores with good calorie numbers. It may not be very enjoyable though. Great post! Can't wait to share the info.

Thank You. I am doing just as you suggested.

It really sounds like the state of Illinois is in bad shape. A lot of Third World countries have corrupt governments. If the local government can help you you're going to be on your own in an emergency.

Is it time to invest in gold and silver @briandenver or will people change to crypto currency like that coin and Steemit dollars 💵?

Looks like I am moving my money 💰 to steem ! And when this new social media gets 100 million active users, Google and Wall Street will take notice!

With all the money that they stole from the government made them go buy one of these