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You know about the crimes of the untouchable international banks, including the rigging of LIBOR rates which dwarfs even the magnitude of their precious metals markets manipulation. Well, it's gotten so bad that the banks are attempting to ditch LIBOR all together by 2021. According to Bloomberg, "The 50-year-old global borrowing benchmark that became a byword for corruption, is headed for the trash heap of history." And Lynette Zang thinks what this will mean for the more than $350 TRILLION in securities which LIBOR underpinned, is nothing short of a calamity: a total collapse. The clock has been ticking since long before the 2008 crisis, and Lynette believes the global debt bomb will finally detonate in 2021.

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I remember such video about 2018. With the same phoenix

This is a great report. I have recently discussed my own experience with banks defrauding me by simply rewriting contracts and proceeding to leave me only the courts as recourse. She pointed out exactly the problem with that: banks can keep you in court for decades, and if you can't support the legal fees AND the fraudulent overcharge during the proceedings, they will win by default. Banks are also corporations, immortal 'legal' persons, and we natural men are not. They can win just by keeping the litigation going until you die. They will never die a natural death. Worst of all, the courts are venally corrupt, and if they can steer litigation to the right court (one they can buy influence in), they can screw you a lot quicker.

LIBOR is a huge deal. I am confident Lynette Zang has the bull properly seized by the horns, and your observation that big money is pouring into gold and silver is timely. Fiat is going to vanish overnight, leaving us with rampant hyperinflation unless we have metals to 'paper' over the crisis until--if--a stable currency system is in place.

Venezuela shows that isn't something that happens quickly, and other historical events, such as post-WWI Germany, or the collapse of the Soviet Union, demonstrate this as well.

We're in for a tough time, and PM's power to preserve our assets is vital to recognize and act on early.


When you say that this is "from SGTreport" does that mean you are not the creator of the video? Just curious.

I just love Lynette Zang. The LIBOR changes approximately 35 times a day so the sky's the limit when it comes to new benchmark rates. My advice is to pay off debts now and buy precious metals.

Love having aunty Lynette on ❗️I call it milk and cookies with aunty Lynette . She just makes me feel so comfortable , and I was raised by smart strong women that were very comforting . They always baked to make us feel better . I have the same comfort level with her , and agree with a lot of what she says . I think this is actually great news , because to me it shows a disruption in their plans . Just like when they had to change the Georgia guide stones . That 2018 Phoenix photo may have to be redone too . This is because of alternative news like all in this video ❗️CONGRATULATIONS 🍾🎈🎉🎊 ❗️ I was a strategist in my previous life and I strongly believe that the internet , the alternative media sites have completely derailed their war wagon , and this is why you see the retaliation from YouTube censorship wars . Their DARPA plans of using the internet as a source of either control or manipulation came back to bite them in the ass ❗️Their FRANKENSTEIN ❗️Now if they pull the plug they could be cutting their own throat . Think about how massively they are involved from banks to commerce . its just too late to do anything about it but watch their TITANIC sink . Who ever masterminded this was or is a master strategist . Way beyond 4D chess ❗️This was a kill pocket folks . Thats were you surround your enemies from all sides except one very narrow path , and then like a laundry bag you pull the string , and trap them . This has all those characteristics . BRILLIANT ❗️They can escape , but they may have to leave a leg and an arm . LOL 😆 Its going to hurt ❗️Thank you for a great show to both 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻

nice and very informative interview sean,specially with lynette zang.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?
I don't think this women understands half of what she reads and rather than ask someone who does, she just kinda makes it up as she goes...


Hi Sean... Can you get Steve St Angelo back on, to give us an update on CDX.