This Ontario Couple Needs To Get Their Debt Under Control To Enjoy A Carefree Retirement

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This Ontario couple needs to get their debt under control to enjoy a carefree retirement: Andrew Allentuck

In Ontario, a couple we’ll call Hank, 55, and Judy, 56, have built their lives with a lot of assets — and a lot of debt. They take home $11,463 per month from their jobs, his with a transportation company, hers with a petrochemical firm. They’ve lived in Cana…

New data from CRA shows Canadians have nearly 300 billion reasons to love their TFSAs: Jamie Golombek

This year, Canadians will have the option to add up to $6,000 to their tax-free savings accounts, bringing the cumulative contribution limit to $75,500 for someone who has been a resident of Canada and at least 18 years old since their inception in 2009.

'It's a critical situation:' Dragon's Den star Arlene Dickinson on struggle of small business to survive the second lockdown: Larysa Harapyn

A “mind-blowing” third of Ontario businesses are not expected to survive this second lockdown.

Dragon’s Den star and Venture Communications founder Arlene Dickinson talks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about what small businesses, their comm…

TikTok and TFSAs: How Gen Z and millennials are finding personal finance salvation in an unexpected place: Bianca Bharti

Nearly four million users have watched 25-year-old Ellyce Fulmore’s

TikTok video

explaining why buying a daily coffee is not the reason young people are struggling to afford houses.

Decked out in a black toque, burnt orange …

Pandemic housing market to stay hot in 2021, but economists expect a hangover later in the year: Geoff Zochodne

This year is forecast to be another brisk one overall for Canada’s housing market, but economists also see reason to believe that the rush for residential real estate will start losing momentum as 2021 drags on.

The housing market “likely had its …

Why Confederation is both the cause of and the solution to our economic woes: Kevin Carmichael

Annamie Paul, the new Green Party leader, and Stephen Poloz, the former Bank of Canada governor, aren’t obvious allies in the struggle to create a resilient economy. But both have identified the biggest pain point and, therefore, an area that deserves serious…

LNG prices skyrocket, but fresh delays mean Canadian projects will mostly miss the boom: Geoffrey Morgan

CALGARY — Canadian natural gas producers are watching with envy as liquefied natural gas prices in Europe and Asia hit new records this month while Canada’s only under-construction export facility is years away from completion and the COVID-19 pandemic has de…

2020 was a year of extremes for investors, but it shouldn't change your approach going forward: Tom Bradley

For investors, 2020 had a bit of everything, from the fastest bear market in history to one of the most impressive recoveries ever, and a whole lot in between. Investor emotions also covered the gamut, from outright panic (March) to complacency and even eupho…

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