Interesting read - how much will your hand sanatizer retail for?

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95 Thai baht - the no plastic packaging is expensive, as is the colloidal silver and the surgical grade alcohol. 95 THB is about $3. The refill packs much cheaper, by volume of course.

Getting some happy-snap place holding pics ready of the packs and uploading pronto to our store.

I understand.. build the anticipation and perhaps have a queue at the door!! Please can you drop a comment reply when they are live online. Thanks

LOL. More like "solo mom entrepreneur minus one staff in a state of mild overwhelm." LOL. Promise I will drop a link here. :)

Well done! Excellent your message. There is an encouragement contained in the strength and courage to face these times by being well informed and not being swept away by media yellows.

Thank you, my dear. Fear thrives in an atmosphere of ignorance. Clear facts help dispel so much of the worry. :)

If you don't want to get infected, change your social behaviors once and for all.

Or just keep yourself strong & healthy & let your natural immune system do its thing. :)

This was such a good read.

I also share the same concerns about this entire situation. I haven't really changed anything when it comes to my lifestyle and I try to keep calm and not let people's panic get to me.

Thanks for sharing this post, I am looking forward to read more from you! :)

Aaaww.... thanks for that. Panic is such a strange and stupidly infectious thing, no? Following you & off to investigate what you blog about. :) Best wishes from Thailand.

Is panic the main symptom of "INFOdemia"?
A warm (anti-CV, LOL) hug! ;)

LOL... yes - PANIC would appear to be a primary symptom. A long,germy immune boosting hugs for you today.... LOL.... x


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This a real nice post you've made. I haven't been following a lot about the virus but I realised that it's the same story as the "pig-flu" or the "bird-flu" we had few years ago. People were also in panic in that time & killing a lot of animals & burning their bodied afterwords. I was not eating meat in that time & still not eating it so I had no feat. I still don't eat meat nor fish nor the shit food which is produced in low quality. I have just passed the North of Italy last weekend & came back home to Croatia. People are really in mass hysteria but I'm trying my best that it doesn't affect me & been talking to people to relax. Thanks for this post! It helped! Good work in producing the hand cleaner! 😉

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