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RE: To what extent is the negative media, media biases responsible for depression? - Ecotrain Question of the Week

in #ecotrain4 years ago

This is a REALLY GOOD response to the QOTW!! :)

"Scientific evidence seems to indicate that the media is not really responsible for depression in its users or we would probably see a lot more ads for anti-depressants, because that would be a phantastic business model, cause the disease and deliver the remedy."

Nailed it. Commercial reality IS scientific. :)


Thanx, you´re quick!
Yes, "Cui bono?" is one of the best scientific methods. 😘

It is a really good post. I was umming and aahing about whether I would write something for QOTW and I feel INSPIRED to get it done now. :) haha... You were top of my feed when I switched on this evening, and I always make a point of looking there first, even before discord. :) Meant to be. :)

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