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RE: IT''S PUBLISHED AND IT'S FREE FOR TWO DAYS !! "99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Freaking Awesome", THE BOOK!..

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Woo hoo! Congratulations, @eco-alex!

Downloaded, and I'll be happy to review later, when I get the chance. Great job.

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thank you so much! truly appreciated.. i HOPE you can review it.. amazon make it hard ! HUGE hug! xx

Yeah, I've had some previous Amazon reviews that have disappeared, so not sure what their current requirements are for reviews.

Good luck, and I'll pass the word on where I can!

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i think waiting 24 hours after downloading it.. and going through the pages in the book .. they can tell i think if you even looked at it... .is a good start

Indeed, and it will probably be Sunday before I get the chance to do so. I'll start scanning the book today, since I read most of your posts as they came out.

I'm hoping that we can visit northern New Mexico, in the not-too-distant future, so that Marek and I can tour a few of the many earthships in the area.

I think once he sees one, particularly one that's really well thought-out, he'll be on board.

As of now, he thinks my desire for an earth-bermed dwelling smacks of a glorified cellar or dungeon.

I predict that he'll be blown away by the reality. ;-)

Oh happy to hear uve been reading the posts ;) !
Yes seeing an earthship and being in a nice one is a kind of magic... there are more popping up worldwide, but yes new mexico is amazing with so many to see... best of luck to u! Xx


He still needs convincing, but our little place is in Taos County, and there are a fair number of earthships nearby.

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