IT''S PUBLISHED AND IT'S FREE FOR TWO DAYS !! "99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Freaking Awesome", THE BOOK!..

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Its Out! 99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Freaking Awesome, THE BOOK! and guess what...IT'S FREE for the next two days on Amazon. It includes all the images and knowledge that I have shared about Earthship Biotecture over the last few months! My plan was always to write it bit by bit on Steem, and then finally publish it as a book. If you haven't seen these posts, then this is a lovely easy read with a lot of knowledge about Biotecture and the many benefits of living off-grid in an earthship home.

I have generated a universal link for you all, which will point you (hopefully) to your amazon book store.. From there you can just click twice and the book will download straight to any computer or device, or kindle reader. You don't have to enter any payment details etc.

I'd love Your Support!

Did you know that the more people that download a book on amazon the higher up that book goes in the charts for others to discover!? So even if you don't plan to read it, it would still be great if you downloaded it..

and one final thing...

IF any of you would be SO GOOD as to LEAVE A REVIEW it would really make my day! I only need about 3 or 4 to really make a HUGE difference for the book's success for a long time to come. So if you know me, and know what Im about.. Please go ahead and make my day!!! Just download it and wait at least 12 hours before you review it on amazon.

Thanks for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

The universal link is...

If for some reason that doesn't work then you can use these links:






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Woo hoo! Congratulations, @eco-alex!

Downloaded, and I'll be happy to review later, when I get the chance. Great job.

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thank you so much! truly appreciated.. i HOPE you can review it.. amazon make it hard ! HUGE hug! xx

Yeah, I've had some previous Amazon reviews that have disappeared, so not sure what their current requirements are for reviews.

Good luck, and I'll pass the word on where I can!

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i think waiting 24 hours after downloading it.. and going through the pages in the book .. they can tell i think if you even looked at it... .is a good start

Indeed, and it will probably be Sunday before I get the chance to do so. I'll start scanning the book today, since I read most of your posts as they came out.

I'm hoping that we can visit northern New Mexico, in the not-too-distant future, so that Marek and I can tour a few of the many earthships in the area.

I think once he sees one, particularly one that's really well thought-out, he'll be on board.

As of now, he thinks my desire for an earth-bermed dwelling smacks of a glorified cellar or dungeon.

I predict that he'll be blown away by the reality. ;-)

Oh happy to hear uve been reading the posts ;) !
Yes seeing an earthship and being in a nice one is a kind of magic... there are more popping up worldwide, but yes new mexico is amazing with so many to see... best of luck to u! Xx


He still needs convincing, but our little place is in Taos County, and there are a fair number of earthships nearby.

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I was trying to download today and its telling me I have to automatically sign to pay Rs 169.00 every month after trial. Does it mean, I can cancel before I pay ?

i think you missed the free trial.. but the book is free if you also have kindle unlimited.. i think you can subscribe for one month only but it will cost 199rs per month .. if u dont cancel it.. and i think you wont be able to leave a review unless youve spent about Rs 5,000 this year..thanks for trying!

Dear friend @eco-alex We are already starting to review... Honestly it will cost us a little more time for the language, but it will not be a barrier to learn... little by little but at a sure pace we will read it and we will let you know our opinion, we send you a big hug from Venezuela.

thank you so much! please wait one day before you review else they know you didnt read it!

@eco-alex I mean, we're starting to read.

ooh ok! lucky theres not SO many words in this book and many nice images ;-)

The images will be very helpful to us, as our English is very primitive.

Done! It won't let me write a review though, because I haven't made a $50 purchase in the last years... but I think something will be done about that soon... I'll let you know, and when it does happen, I'll make sure to write a review for both of your books.

thanks for downloading, that already helps loads.. Yes amazon make it hard to get people to review!! very few people i know have spent $50 on amazon !thanks a LOT for trying! <3

Wishing you HUGE success with it!! We're so very proud of you! Looking forward to being able to see and download it elsewhere.

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thank you! yes it will of course be on the COOP soon enough.. xxx

Glad to see you made this available in ebook format...about to download now!

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Awesome! Hope u enjoy it!

Good luck and congrats. For some reason, I cannot download it for review. I'll ask my hubby later. Great effort. One day we hope to find our little heaven and build an Earthship too. Keep up the good work.

Well Done! I know that feeling to get your book completed and up on Amazon available around the world! I missed the 2 free days for I was away but I downloaded it for free with my Kindle Unlimited.
I'll check it over and leave you a review. I know your post about why Earthships were so freaking awesome were a great resource and wonderful read, kindling my interest it that wonderful technology! Congrats again!

Awesome! Amazon unlimited is great if u like reading! I Welcome any feedback x

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