The @ecoTrain is relaunching! Become a passenger and join an amazing community!

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Hey Steemlings! Today is a special day for the ecoTrain as I relaunch the train from Grand Central Station and back onto our 2019 journey. If you didn’t know, the ecoTrain has been parked up for a few months whilst I have been 'sorting my life out' and also deciding on the best way to take us all forward. Now we are all finally ready to relaunch and discover some great people who want to join us on this multi-faceted journey. I would firstly like to welcome and thank @artemislives to the role of ecoTrain conductor.@artemislives will be helping me to curate, comment, and inspire us all. She is an amazing soul with SO much wisdom and energy, and I am very happy and honoured that she is choosing to spend some of her precious time helping and supporting our journeys. I would also like to give a huge thanks to @trucklife-family for all her help and dedication to the ecoTrain, you are a shining star!

So What is this ecoTrain all about then?

The idea of the ecoTrain birthed with the founding principle of Service To Mankind and the world around us. The full name of this ecoTrain is "ecoTrain Seva"

"Selfless service or Seva in Sanskrit (Punjabi: ਸੇਵਾ) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society."

This name is used to highlight the idea of working without any expectation of reward since it's easy to forget when we are getting up-votes and money from Steem. Our primary goal is to give service to the world and the people in the form our our posts and comments on the Steem blockchain. What financial rewards we get are just a bonus! We may make money, but that is not the main goal!

The ecoTrain are a small and supportive community. One of the best things about the ecoTrain is that we are really engaged with each other. We are all genuinely interested and engaged with each others posts. Therefore, we always have a positive foundation of support and interest in what we post. This is especially true for new writers who are writing great posts, but not being noticed.

Sounds good, what does it mean to be a passenger?

A passenger is someone who is primarily a writer or creator of great new content. Passengers are the engine and heart of the ecoTrain and offer us their wisdom, insight, and varied ideas around many topics. The theme and motto is "Things that help make this world a better place", and that can include just about any topic from healthy cooking to deep esoteric and spiritual posts. We are also very focused on homesteading and self sufficient living, and I am personally very active in promoting and spreading the word about off-grid living, in particular about earthships. You can head to the to discover more on that!

One of the key elements to being a passenger is engagement! If you are someone who just posts but doesn’t read and engage with the community then this is not for you. We have all become good friends over time because we are there for each other and care and support each other's journeys. We are all VERy different, from every corner of this earth, and yet we all have so much in common, and so much wisdom to share. This group is amazing, and the people in it have really inspired and delighted me on many an occasion!

There are things that we do as a community such as the Question Of The Week. We are also about to launch some new challenges that everyone is welcome to participate in, and the ecoTrain leads. You are not expected to join every challenge or question, but we do want to at least see you with us sometimes. These have been some of the most enjoyable and incredibly powerful times here on Steem and I look forward to many more!

So that is the general idea. You can always visit our FEED at to get an idea of what we have been posting lately.

What else do I need to know?

There are a few requirements and things we need for you to make this work and keep the ecoTrain rolling along.

  • A passenger is asked to tag their posts 'ecotrain' as their primary category tag to help others discover us and so we can find all our posts easily.

  • We ask a maximum of 5 posts a week tagged 'ecotrain'. If a passenger wants to write more than that, they can choose the ones they want to feature on the ecoTrain and tag them. By doing this we limit the total number of posts to a number that our entire train produces, so that we can all really read and engage with them.

  • We also ask for an ecoTrain logo image and link to our weekly highlights post in their posts. This gives everyone a chance to be noticed and get a bit more engagement.

  • We do have a discord channel, and we use it sparingly for basic communications and some chit chat. You would be added to that group as a passenger and can then keep up with any organising or questions or challenges. We do need you to keep an eye on this so that we can keep the community spirit alive.

  • To become a passenger you need to delegate a minimum of 100SP** to @eco-alex. This is a change from the previous two years, when we used to have VIP's who used their voting power to drive our votes. Now I need to ask for some delegation so i can continue to manually curate and give meaningful upvotes. Right now I have around 5,000SP in my account, and great posts may also receive upvotes from the @ecoTrain account, currently holding around 11,000SP.

Please contact me on discord to apply to be a passenger. Places are limited.

(do not delegate until you have been notified by me that you are confirmed as a passenger)

** if you don't have enough Steem but feel you really you want to be a passenger please contact me on discord.

If you have any questions or would like to just join us on discord as a friend please use this invitation link:

If you are with us and get what we are about then I look forward to hearing from you!



Supporting People Who Help
Make The World A Better Place

Discover previous ecoTrain magazines at @ecoTrain

** Click Here To View Our Passenger Feed**

The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp


All Aboard?? Wooo Hooo. I'm really pleased to see this already incredible group which has hung in there through "the long lull" emerge stronger and with a better framework to bring people's service & contributions together. Pleased to help & engage our passengers. Liking "steemlings" 🤣🤣🤣

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Congratulations conductor :) You are amazing!!

blushes modestly

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💯 I feel to come onboard... with such awesome conductor! 😍

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blush Thank you @amico Have a look at the posts from our passengers and the guidelines in @eco-alex's post. You have been sooo wonderful at engagement & upholding others (and me!) during all of my first steem year that Im sure there will be a seat somewhere. 😘 maybe have a DM with @eco-alex in discord? Hugs from Chiang Mai. x

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congrats @artemislives you will make an awesome conductor xx

I'm so glad to see the train is rolling again. Just as before, I'd like to be on it. Posts... are coming, probably at the usual (ir)regularity. Delegation is sent out, and my next ecotrain post is being hatched as we speak.

so glad ur on board brother! yes i see your delegation, thank you!

Hey @eco-alex ....Love to take a ride on the amazing train that seems to be eco friendly. However 5 post with #ecotrain in a week....? Any content or any specific subject ?

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hey! its a MAXImum of 5 a week, so you can post 1 or 2 or whateever works for you..
The subject really can be anything that Helps makes this world a better place.. You can check our feed to get a sense of things..

Sounds like a very intereting and meaningful my reservation...👍 ...hope in case I missed on some week .there won't be any penalty...

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lol.. please chat with me on discord and we'll see how is the fit!

Good morning @eco-alex
I would love to be a passenger on the ecoTrain. I’m new to steemit with few posts. I’m keen to write about meditation, mindfulness and Buddha’s teachings. Let me know if I can be on board to eco-train please? Happy to delegate 100SP. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♂️

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Sounds great! Ill chdck your blog and chat with u on discord tomorrow.xx

Is there any hop - on, hop - off passenger ticket? Of late, I'm avoiding too much travel. But sometimes I like to be in a good company excluding myself.

But when I'm in mood, I become a travel addict!

I ain't a great writer or a content creator.

well, you can not post if thats what you mean.. i think after some time if you never post you may lose your golden ticket.. else things are pretty relaxed

Okay, np!
Btw, what reasonable duration does "some time" imply? Is 2-3 times a month acceptable as a minimum?

for new passengers it sounds not so good, unless they are great posts and you engage with others

Likey Likey for the crisp new banner. 💚

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thanks dear! that is my favourite image!~

Great news..

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Komunitas yang sangat kuat biasa yang mampu merubah dunia. Semoga apa yang di inginkan kini bisa menjadi jadi nyata.

Terima kasih!

Thanks for this beautiful outlined information. I am really interested to join. I will join you on discord soon. Thanks @eco-alex

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Glad to be part of this life changing community and i look forward to being an awesome passenger as always.

Wonderful! I am so excited to see this renewed energy, inspiration and direction :)

I look forward to getting to know the new passengers that come on board, together we can all share our knowledge and inspire one another. Full steem ahead xxx

Discord link is not working. Did I miss the boat (train)? @eco-alex

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Thanks for letting me know! There is still time! I have fixed the link so Please refresh the page and try again!

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