Permaculture Rotational Garden: 1st rabbits, now lambs quarter, then what?

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Our family raises Flemish Giant Rabbits as an added income for our homestead. We like to keep them in big pins so they can spend their lives safe but be living like a rabbit.

As a lot of people know rabbit poop is awesome fertalizer and can go straight in the dirt no compost needed. We use permaculture style rotating pins so the rabbits can turn the area into a garden. Check out the before and after below.

I had the rabbits in here last summer, and this summer I let it grow up with lambs quarter so I can harvest the seeds. The seeds can be used as a grain like quinoa or ground up for flour. I am using them to sprout during the winter months so our family has fresh live food to eat.


Everything looks really cool grown up. Best of all it is a no-maintenance garden. I did not have to plant, water, weed, only harvest.


What keeps a rabbit in will keep a rabbit out. That is buried fence. When the rabbits are not living in here I must make sure they do not get in here and eat my Garden. Friend and foe of the garden!





After I harvest the seeds we will chop it down and let the nutrients go into the soil. It will be ready in the spring for me to plant a garden. It is a 3 year rotation.

1st year-animals
2nd year-wild garden
3rd year-domestic garden

Rinse and repeat

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