Kiss My Aaaaaaaa....tichokes.

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You know that scene in Wallace and Grommit where one says: ' and the other one goes 'kiss my aaaa...rtichokes', the kind of joke that goes over little ones heads but makes the adults giggle? That one? Yeah, it's still doing it for me. I tried to find a link but couldn't, so you have to go and watch 'Curse of the Wererabbit' just for that line.


Moving right along, one of the sexiest and most romantic moments of my life was J. introducing me to artichokes. He steamed them (not steemed, stop being single minded) and then we ate them by peeling off the leaves and dipping them in butter and feeding them to each other so we could skim the flesh with our teeth until we were left with the tender hearts - by which time, our hearts were tender too... and then... stop it!

Moving right along, back to the present moment, J. actually can't eat them (FODMAP, a cruel and torturous story), so I've reduced our artichoke somewhat. They're such a cool plant - huge silvery leaves in the spring and extraordinary cool flowers. They're related to the thistle. Most people wonder what the heck these alien plants are in my garden, and in being told, wonder - what do you do with an artichoke? How do you prepare them? Most people know them as those overy vinegared slimy things on pizza, but damn, they're sooo much better than this.

How to prepare them? This might give you a clue...

I do it a bit differently as I don't want to be there all day preparing artichokes. I simply grab them all, rinse in water and vinegar to get the earwigs out (tap tap tap against the kitchen sink) and then steam them with a few bayleaves and a few slices of lemon.

They're done in about 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the size (mine are fairly small this year). I then simply peel off the tough outer leaves, slicing off the chewier top, so I'm left with tender hearts. These are then tossed in an olive oil and ACV marinade with lemon juice, salt, pepper, fresh herbs and sliced garlic.


They keep in the fridge for a good few months, but never, ever last that long. I love them on sourdough with shavings of manchego or parmesan.

And are they good for you?

Like any fruit or vegetable, there's absolute benefits to eating artichokes. Links to studies can be found here, here and here. It's been used as a medicinal remedy as early as 400 BC, both for it's nutritional value but also as a digestive aid. In the 1500's, it was recorded as being used for liver problems, and in the 1850's, a French doctor used an extract from the leaves to treat jaundice, prompting modern day studies which have shown that it's particularly beneficial for the liver. In fact, it's one of the few plants that DO have extensive studies on it, probably for this reason. However, it seems that is the artichoke leaves that are of more benefit - I have to look into how I'm fertilizing or watering them as I don't think my leaves are really edible. However, I could make an artichoke leaf tea, which I think I'll try just for interests sake!

Another point of interest or confusion for me is that some say it's meant to be good for sufferers of IBS, yet isn't FODMAP friendly because the hearts are high in fructans. Is this just because of the leaf versus heart? Perhaps it's also in the way they are prepared - tinned hearts are more friendly for FODMAP than untinned, but I think I'll have to test this personally on J. to see what works for him individually. Like any remedies or foods, personal research and professional advice is recommended. One man's ally is another man's poison, after all.



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HAHAHAHAHA! Love this @riverflows. Especially your opening paragraphs. I love artichokes. For some reason they don't want to grow in our gardens. But as you say, not for everyone. I can nibble on a couple at a time, painstakingly. My husband thinks it is a total waste of time - and why fuss over cooked flowers when you can sink your teeth into a steak!!

aw, THANKS! ahah!!! That's hilarious. Flowers v steak, I can see the fun at your household! Surprised they don't grow - what a shame. I have a bunch I need to pick and process tomorrow and it's SOOOO worth it!

Ooooo. I'm drooling. I could nibble on one now.

That stoooooory on feeding each other!! <3

My goodness you make artisjokes sounds sexy while I had always considered them a boring veggie hahahaha. Good going girlie!

Hahaha.... anything is sexy if you are in love....I have so many sexy vegetable stories from our first few years...and that is NOT what it sounds like.... (Oh god please stay my friend hahaha) 🍆🥒🥕

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hahahahhaa, oowwwwww River this is the awkward thing you could have ever said :DDDDDDD

I suddenly feel for an artichoke salad, with fresh rocket, sliced red onions, black olives and ripe, fragrant tomatoes. Few fresh leaves of basil, a squeeze of lime-lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. OH YUM!!! Lovely post dear @riverflows. I really think you should toss that wretched FODMAP diet out the window and just blitz him with live home-cultured probiotics x3 daily instead. Be prepared that when you visit, I shall expect culinary treats!!! :)

Oh we have tried EVERYTHING!!!! And yes, probiotics... we have had more success with FODMAP than anything. Maybe I just need a new husband?

2020 babe.. we will come past with landrover. But I think Thai hospitality means you cook for me??? 😘😘

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Love artichokes, but only ever eaten them steamed, with mayo for dipping. My husband likes melted butter for his. They support liver function, so we tend to eat a lot of them. We prefer nice big ones like this:

I've also grown them for 20 years here. Some year get a lot (last year) some nearly none (year before).

Mine are fairly small before they flower, I don't know if it's the type or maybe I need some kind of fertiliser they might be lacking?

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Mine never get larger than 1/2 the size of the one in the post. As the season goes on, they get smaller, I think because it's so late in the year by the time they emerge. We are not their preferred growing area. That is California.

Oh right well that makes complete sense because we have very similar climate to California. Except god damnit we can't grow avocados xx

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You had me at the title and the photo. I just loved reading this. You two are such romantics. ♥ All we can get are the tinned version here. It's been years since I had a fresh artichoke. I think I landed on the wrong continent! :)

We are a bit silly like that.... Oh, when I read your posts I think that it was ME that landed on the wrong continent lol!!!

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hehehe this looks so yummy!! i think of this as such high class food- probably bc those store bought ones are so dang expensive. i know a guy in maine (much colder than here) who grows em so i'm sure we could too! sorry J can't eat em anymore! looking forward to hearing how that tea is :D hope you're enjoying the conference XO!

Mmmm. I miss artichokes! I wonder if they would grow here! My brother made the dinner for me and my friends the night of my senior prom. That was when I first fell in love with them.

I enjoyed reading It, haha :D it just feels like your beside me talking face to face. Haven't tried artichoke though, i might try this week.

Glad you enjoyed it sometimes I am in a silly mood and serious writing is just not me xx how's that gorgeous baby of yours going xx how can you find time to steam with two little ones at home xx

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Hello @riverflows. Baby is 16 days old now and very healthy and always hungry :D, thank you for asking. Haha, i try to squeeze posting when i am breastfeeding michael. (I don't know, my mind says don't go to steemit but my heart do the opposite!) haha.
Have a great day ahead and take care. Xx

When I had my boy I used to read while he was asleep... pre internet days!!!

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