Are we looking at a Grim Future? We could be entering a Dim Age

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A lot of you know I have been diving deep into the world of re-wilding and more so lately in the world of Freedom and the Agora.

Agora is best described as a public meeting space and marketplace in ancient Greece. Today the term is used to describe a philosophy and a way of life that offers practical solutions to staying free in a world where restrictions are becoming ever more unbearable.

In the freedom sphere there are a lot of people from very different walks of life, from the extreme right, gun nut, conspiracy theorist, libertarian, prepper, homesteader, anarchist, agorist, hippy, punk, philosopher, dreamer, activist, you name it, people of every color, to (believe it or not) the extreme left. Yes the left wants freedom too, but they're a bit confused as to what that really means, and then again I think the right is too!

We don't have to dig very deep into history, though if you do you will find lots a patterns and cycles that constantly repeat themselves over and over again. Looking at just this last few decades, the same story is being told. There's "a problem" in some part of the world and it must be "fixed" in order for you to keep your "freedoms". The main purpose of taxes in the USA is to pay for those wars, let's not forget it.

The polarization of the people is a fabrication of the state. In the history of man, since the dawn of agriculture, there's never been a system of governance without personal agendas. Even the very first villages, those that flourished because of agriculture, they had to devise a system to keep people out of the food stores. This could have been the first creations of "armed forces". Guarding a warehouse full of food became a full time position that spilled out into security for the whole village. Everyone had to pay for this, and everyone was probably forced into it by way of food. If you don't pay, you don't get your grain. It sounds like manipulation to me.

Grain is a whole other different topic... I'm pretty convinced that somewhere down the road we figured out that non-germinated wheat wasn't digestible, but we were, and still are much more valuable unhealthy. They've got us just right, in between healthy an dead!

And taxes were born


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With such a system, that obligates the people to pay some form of "tax" for a "forced" service, we had to create a group of enforcers. These people had to be given some sort of enticement in return for their loyalty. This system of tyranny can only crumble if everyone opts out, because it cannot stand alone. As long as you support a cause you don't believe in, it will always cast its shadow over you.

Part of these practical solutions I mentioned earlier are to use the loopholes that are already in place. Know the political system and use it to your advantage. You can do it within respect for future generations in mind. Try not to get involved with what you cannot control, stay within your circle of influence. Our time on this planet is far too precious to waste it away.


Source: Stop Overdosing on Celebrity Gossip, The News, and Low Quality Information

In the title I say that we could be entering a Dim Age. It's an idea that Vin Armani has brought up to the surface and if you listen carefully, read up on our history, and watch for repeating patterns you may also think that he isn't wrong.

Have a listen to Vin Armani's NAVIGATING THE DIM AGE

If we are entering such an age, the trick here would be to find where you are in the repeating story and make sure you can position yourself in a safe place. For those of you with established homesteads, create even more self-reliant systems and make sure you have redundancy. Now for those of you who depend the grocery stores, your jobs, and government hand outs, be ready to give up all the freedoms you still have today. Or start to exit and build... it should have been done years ago, but better late than never.

After listening to Vin Armani, give yourself a moment to think about it and when you feel right again or need a bit of uplifting, watch this great video about opting out, building community and the agora by Derrick Broze: IT'S TIME TO EXIT AND BUILD


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