The root cause of all the EVIL plaguing our World

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Every week, @ecotrain challenges us to reflect about some of life's most pressing issues and hsare our thoughts on how we can deal with them. This week we challenged to search for the root cause of all the conflict between mankind, why we think its happening and of course what we think can be done to open up a new paradigm. I (@mr-greens) present to you, The Cause

The Cause

Bullet shells everywhere, Bombs exploding
Buildings in rubbles, corpses littered everywhere
Mothers scream in great despair,
Fathers with bullet holes all over them
Orphans everywhere, but nobody cares
People dying of starvation
Animals dying from our destruction
The rage in our eyes
Trouble everywhere, causing despair



Our greed to lead with power is all we dare
Our greed to fame and suppress with wealth is all we care
Our greed to see others beg, what we prefer
Our greed to scare, our reason we grade and hate
Our greed to be alone, Me, Myself and I – and if not me, no one else
Our greed brings so much despair

Trouble everywhere, causing despair



Billions of religious people, so much hate: why? The money
Thousands of churches, so much crime: why? The money
Preach oneness, deny togetherness; why? The money
Promise salvation, impoverish the people and use their money to live in salvation
All they care is the money and power, and will do everything to fuel the religious divide to keep the money and power
Religious greed, killing millions in "peace"

Trouble everywhere, causing despair


Climate Change

Trouble everywhere, causing despair
The heat waves bring despair
The floods and hurricanes bring despair
The hunger and thirst bring despair
The scarcity in resources, something to fear
Climate change, a nightmare we don't care

Trouble everywhere, causing despair


We don’t care

We don’t care our little actions can make a difference
We don’t care because they didn’t care or don’t care
We don’t care because we think God will care
We don’t care because we fear to dare
We don’t care because the future is not clear

But one thing is clear

Death is near, Death is clear if we don’t care!

I think the root causes of most of our problems at the family level are almost the same causes of our global problems. The family is the first school where people are supposed to be thought to live in harmony with other people and the environment but I don’t see this happening. In most families, it’s about me, myself and I and not ‘we’. People don’t want to give other people a chance. The We word is gradually fading from our lives and everybody is become more concerned about themselves and nobody else.
I am very confident that all this conflict today is not about our needs being met but about our greed being met. If we all kick greed out of our lives, the world will be a much better place.
It’s not part of our nature to be wicked, selfish, deceitful and spread despair. We are taught to be this shit that has brought so much despair but the good thing is that we can flip the coin. We can open up a new paradigm.
In 2012 I directed the song paradigm which is performed by my organization’s Ambassadors, Colby and Awu and I want to share this piece for us to listen, reflect and open up a new paradigm.

I believe if all families teach their children about the oneness of humanity and the need to care for planet, the world will be a much more better place.

This is my little bit and I look forward to reading your thoughts about this very troubling issue that is plaguing our world.


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