Motorola Edge 20 , biggest weakness with this moto is actually its cameras.

in #edge-202 months ago

I would even go as far as saying that this is probably the best implementation of android that we have right now so well done moto now for me personally


the biggest weakness with this moto is actually its cameras so you have a 108 megapixel main shooter which uses pixel binning and an 8 megapixel periscope camera capable of up to 5x optical zoom

and you also have a 16 megapixel ultrawide camera so all the basic ingredients are there the phone is even capable of shooting up to 8k video or 4k video at 60 frames per second

so even when it comes to options and camera settings you'll probably have everything you need for me personally i'm just not happy with the way the main camera actually processes the images

for what is on paper a very powerful camera hardware i just always felt like i wanted a bit more i wanted a bit more details i wanted a bit more sharpness

and i definitely wanted much better low-light performance not that i think the images are bad and i'll even show you some samples and you'll probably really

like them but i just wanted a bit better and i just wasn't happy with the level of details that this camera captures despite looking perfect on paper

and this is the sort of difference that differentiates this from much more expensive devices and i know i might sound over critical especially

considering that you can definitely get really nice pictures out of this thing for the occasional photo here and there but i just wish the camera was a bit better and i'm hoping that moto actually

addresses this issue in a software update as i definitely think that they're not making the most out of the hardware they actually have here anyway this concludes the story of the moto h20

pro there are definitely some compromises to be made compared to an ultra flagship as you would expect from a device that costs about 60 to 70 percent as much as the most expensive

flagships out there things such as wireless charging for example or even an official ip rating for water and dust resistance but as an overall package i think this is an excellent one

and yeah you might even find some phones that definitely beat it here and there when it comes to the perceived value at least on paper but in terms of overall

experience it's very hard to find a phone that actually beats this so yeah hats off to moto for pulling this off anyways that's it from me.

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