Motorola Edge 20: Everything you need to know.

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Let me start by saying i would easily recommend this phone to anybody looking for a premium experience who isn't willing to sell a kidney just yet however there are certainly some things


you need to know about the moto before you decide to spend your money on it so without further ado here's exactly what you need to know about the moto edge 20 pro for a start this phone easily

nails most of the basics the display for example is fantastic it's a 6.7 inch oled display that can go up to 144hz and even though it's only a 1080p panel

i think the color tuning and the saturation and the viewing angles are perfect and take the battery life for example yes this phone only has a 4500mah battery capacity which

isn't exactly massive however the battery life has been consistently excellent for me it has always managed to last me at least one full day of usage after about five hours of screen

on time and i'd usually ended it with between 30 and 35 percent battery life still left and the performance is buttery smooth you don't even need to force it at 144hz to enjoy very smooth

buttery performance throughout the whole ui and even though the snapdragon 870 is second in line in qualcomm's lineup in my opinion it's probably the best chipset they've released this year

and this is because it offers usable performance that is practically identical to the triple eight without being a hand warmer so it doesn't overheat it's very consistent

and it's very fast and having the 12 gigs of ram which is in my opinion a bit of an overkill definitely makes sure that there is enough headroom for any task you throw at the moto in one word

the performance is flawless and motorola definitely nailed the design and the build the phone has a solid aluminum frame all around the edges it has a glass back with a matte finish which

means that it won't leave your fingerprint museum all over the device it feels nice in the hand and quite solid there are very minimal bezels all around the display and i really

appreciate how nice this blue color is it's subtle enough to look good even with a suit and doesn't look boring ergonomically though there are definitely some weird decisions

here for example the volume rocker buttons and the fingerprint scanner which is integrated into the power button are in my opinion fitted a bit too high on the device so you need

to stretch your thumb just a little bit in order to reach them and the same can be said on the left hand side of the device where the google assistant button is however i'm really not complaining

as the less this button is in your way the better my other complaint about the hard door of the moto is that it sadly follows some of the silly flagship trends we've seen recently like the lack

of a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack anywhere on the device and the lag of a micro sd slot the latter is a bit more acceptable because you do get up to 256 gigs of internal storage however

the first is sorely missed and there's also a single bottom firing speaker which isn't ideal but the sound quality is okay [Music] as for the main reason i would easily recommend this device

it's because of the software experience in my opinion moto absolutely nailed it android 11 on the moto looks and feels like a stock android experience however

there are a lot of nice additions that make this a very nice device even for power users from the additional useful gestures like the three fingers in order to enable a screenshot to quickly

shaking the device to enable the torch which is really cool to peak display which is motor is always on display which shows you all of your notifications without you having to turn

on the display and it even gives you additional information if you tap on every icon i really love this peak display feature there's also all the customization options that you want

so you can change fonts you can change icon shapes you can change the main color of the whole operating system.

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