More Tiny Food Porn (Unintendedpoem)

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Nigella's christmas cookbook
has a few yummy pork roasts:
one marinated in apple cider
and apple juice
with an apple and onion gravy;

and one which is a roulade
marinated in worchestershire sauce and
something else, apple cider too I believe,
then stuffed with onion, dried cranberries,
and spices and things.

I did it with pork but duck would work too.

I came onto this platform
wanting to blog about food
but that turned out differently.

by @Tinypaleokitchen

@DamianJayClay has struck again. Nothing you say is ever really safe. Damian lurks in all the rooms, he sees all, reads all. And what you say may very well get turned into poetry.

Sometimes whimsical, at times hilarious, cheeky or even heartbreaking (in a good way of course) but always lovely.

Of course I was talking about food again, last night, and of course he saw that and ran with it.

As always, thank you for your visit.

See you next time.



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As payment you can make this for me one day drool

That's not vegan dearest...
But I'll happily make it when we're all living in Ireland in our commune of crazy writers.

For that, I'll make an exception.

what a cool little poem :) tip!

The words look tasty. I bet the real thing would be even more so....

I can find you the recipes. Some day. When I unpack my cookbooks from their moving boxes.

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What a charming (and yummy!) post! This is such a cool idea that Damian is doing! 😊