Education is much bigger than school: a throw back article

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I was speaking with a long lost friend of mine, apparently he could not continue with school and he was feeling so low talking to me so I took it upon my self to make him see things as there were.

I asked him what he was doing now for a living and he said he was a carpenter. He makes not less than Ghc 150 every day on the average except when he decides not to work.

By extrapolation he makes not less than Ghc 4,500 a month....
So why on earth was he still feeling like a loser in front of me who makes $0.00 a month? Is it because mine is in dollars?😂

I think it is all about conditioning of the mind....Over time we have managed to get convinced that school is the only way and if you fail to make it through that route you are a failure....of-course not, I may be a professional Doctor in my field of work but that does not make me any better than someone that works to give me is not about school but about working towards getting the best of yourself....

If you can't ''chew and pour'' in exams or you can't compute numbers very much perhaps you could be better at football than your 'booking' is just one way to education and not the only way.......This was what triggered this throw back article.....

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Self education is the best education. School can only socialize and guide students. There is a proverb goes ‘charity begins at home’. Nice subject you have raised to the platform. Thanks.

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hi @ehmkannde,

it's hard not to agree that education is key to success, but then we're being tought in schools by teachers that usually didn't achieve much and they are not successful people at all.

So at the end of the day it really matters who is providing you with knowledge and how do they do that.

Also it's worth to ask yourself a question: what is success for you? If you're crazy about making money then basic education should be enough. Your friend is carpenter then he may be even more financially successful than someone with master degree in marketing or science etc.

At least in Poland demand for qualified phisical workers is huge and I realized many times before, that if I would skip studying and become construction worker then by now I would be way richer than I am.

Anyway interesting post, easy read. Upvoted big time :)


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