Did I Pass My First College CLEP?

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Analyze and Interpret Literature.


The other day I announced that I was starting down the path towards a 2-year college degree at the age of 37. I just had never needed one before and you could say I still don't. However, I am close to a lean FIRE (lean FIRE means to retire early without much more income than expenses) and believe that having a degree - even a two-year one - is something like an insurance should I ever need to find a job for income.

The most efficient way for me to complete the degree was to take knowledge tests in lieu of classes. I decided that my first test should be Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. I read that it is not too difficult and figured that it would be a good place to start to ease me into it and let me see what the testing process was like. The Community College that runs the tests gave me a sheet that stated it a 60% pass rate from those who took the test last year. That was one of the higher ones.

I can tell you that I was getting pretty nervous while standing outside the facility waiting for them to open. Once the test got started I fell into my groove. The real test had a better interface than the one on my practice test! As an example, the practice test said stuff like "on line 42..." and while sometimes the writing had line markers, I still had to count to regain the line I needed. But the real test highlighted the appropriate lines for me! So much easier that way, let me tell you.

Anyways, after about an hour or so I finished and ended up with a 63 on a scale of 20-80. A score of 50 would mean a 'C.' So I was in the 'B' grade range.

The first step has been taken.

What about you? Are there any educational goals that you want to accomplish but haven't yet? Let me know!


Congrats on passing your first test! You're that much closer to getting the degree. And you didn't have to sit through 11 weeks of brainwashing instruction!

That's the best part about the testing out of it!

Well done!!

We had our mid-term exams two weeks ago, for the first two courses of the programme. A lot of math was involved in both. The one course that I thought was the most difficult (due to the math) I actually passed with an A grade. And the one that felt easier, I got a B, falling just two percentage points below the threshold for A. If I do well on my written assignments for the same course (I got A for the first one that’s already been graded), I might get A for the entire course too. These first two exams were not easy, but now I’m feeling more confident in my ability to learn and pass the programme’s courses.

Good luck on your next exam! I believe in you! ;)

Hey, nice scores and thanks!

I am really bad at advanced math. If I can't see a use for it in normal life it just flys over my head. However, statistics is something I 'get' and the one practice test I did I got a 93% on. Next test up is College Composition. Will have to study up for it.

Good luck, man!

Well done you!

Thanks! On to College Composition now.

I an midway through my Data Science- Artificial intelligence course. So, you could say i haven't accomplish😎

How's it going for you so far? You understanding it easily or with a bit of study?

I grasp the things but there's so many things to learn and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface.

Well done man! While I have firmaly turned my back on the academic world, there are still companies who place a lot of vlaue on such qualifications (I prefer experience myself). As you say, it's a great insurance policy. Learning is also good for you, even if the subject matter is not so important, it helps you grow as an individual and keeps your brain active and young. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your studies and hope that you find them very fulfilling!

Yeah, I am so close to the associates and also close to retiring so who knows if it will actually help me now. But just in case it will I will go for it.

I dropped out of UConn when I discovered bitcoin. I don’t regret it yet, but I definitely think about it from time to time and wonder where I would be if I stayed.

But anyways.... you get your flamethrower yet?!

I keep getting emails but no darn flamethrower yet!

Good for you . You can never get enough education. :-)

Congratulations, I know you will do well. @getonthetrain

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