I've Begun to Work Towards A College Degree

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At 37 Years Old It's Time to Show What I Know.

I know I have been kinda quiet around here, but it is for good reason; I have decided to pursue a college degree.

Ok, it's just an associate's degree but I have been sitting just five classes away for over a decade.

I've always been a proponent of knowledge but not education. I don't enjoy the prevalent current education system that seems to be an indoctrination center rather than a bastion of free thought. Plus, with the technology of today, knowledge is about infinite and out there for free for anyone with the dedication to learn something. Education is expensive and enclosed.

So why go after a degree now?

Well, my employer pays the costs and that is a benefit I have never taken advantage of. Since I am getting closer to early retirement I guess I am looking to have a little backup in case I ever need to find a job in the future. It's a backup plan, I guess.

So I have been studying some things and making a plan. Instead of taking classes I will take CLEP's and DSST's. Those are knowledge tests that will give you credit for the class if you pass. This will keep me out of the classroom.

I have decided to take:

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
College Composition
Principles of Statistics
& one Social Sciences (probably Human/Cultural Geography or Intro to Microeconomics)

If I pass those tests I will have a 2-year degree.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

I take this test tomorrow. I have been doing well on the practice tests I have taken. I think I will have no problem passing this one.

Have you taken any CLEP or DSST tests? Have any advice for me? Let me know, thanks!


Hello mate long time no see!

It is never too late to educate ourselves in those areas that we find exciting! So kudos to you for doing this! Good luck with the tests and I hope you can keep yourself out of the classroom!


That's awesome! Good for you for choosing to check that box. It's cool that you're close to early retirement anyways, but you're getting as much as you can out of the current job. That's great. I haven't taken any of those tests, but I hope you pass with ease!

I don't have any advice, just some positive encouragement.. Hope you do well! :) Sounds like a well thought out good plan. Best of luck friend.

No, never into those you mention. I have gone university and postgrad but our education system here is more from the British before.
Now, I'm doing a diploma in Data Science (AI).
All the best to you.

That is pretty cool. I have flirted with the idea a couple of times myself.

Maybe one day.

Hope you do well on your test tomorrow!

Hmm. You just put a bug in my brain. I have enough credit for more than my associates but I'm missing algebra. I should go take that class.

I was the same way. My employer picked up the tab for all of my education. I was lucky and chose schools that were more geared towards professionals and taught by more professionals. It was nice to go to class with people my own age and we were all just trying to do the same thing, get by.

Great #getonthetrain, Good to see you do that :)


Wahoo social sciences!

I did a year in Albqque NM uni as pt of my degree in American Studies... what I remember is the tests for the modules vaying widely in difficulty depending on the whims of the lectures - I suggest asking around the people who sat yr specific courses last year.

Good time of life to be studying!

Personally I'd do modules on data analytics and sql/ python.

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It’s so great that you’re doing this, Justin! I’m cheering for you, mate!

I’m 39 (soon to turn 40) and I’m back in college in college, pursuing MSc degree in International Financial Analysis. It feels like great fun to be a part of the university crowd and hang out with other students (some of whom are 15–20 years younger than I am, but also a few who are the same age as I). And I still can do some of my usual side-hustles, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out or anything. I think what you’ve embarked on is a great investment in your own human capital, so to speak. Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming test!!

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