I've Completed All My College Degree Requirements

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Today I Took My Last Exam For My College Degree.

About three months ago I made a post stating that I was going to pursue my college education. I am 37 years old and have been working in a trade since I was 17. Well, that trade career is ending and I am moving onto the next chapter of my life.

I thought having a degree might be a nice thing to have now that I am not going to be in my entrenched position of the last 20 years.

I had stated that I planned to take:

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
College Composition
Principles of Statistics
& one Social Sciences (probably Human/Cultural Geography or Intro to Microeconomics)

The only change was in the social sciences category. I had taken a few practice tests "blind" and Intro to Sociology was the one I tested highest on, so I took that instead.




CLEP tests are scored from 20-80 with a 50 or higher being a pass.

DSST tests are mainly scored from 200-500 with a 400 being a pass.

As you might see, my score for the DSST 'Principles of Statistics' was 418. A pass, but it was hard won. I felt drained after the 2-hour test as I used every last second to complete it.

It's Done

Still, I passed all of the tests I needed and an applied associates degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology is coming my way once all the paperwork is processed.

That's done, but I am not. I can test for free until the end of February and I intend to test out of a number of classes. I have quite a few on my radar as I plan to change gears and work towards obtaining a degree in business and/or finance.

Anyways, as I was focused on studying, this is why I have been quiet here.


I noticed you'd been quiet but missed the reason as to why. Congratulations on passing the tests, and good luck with future endeavors :)

Congrats! That cool to see that you continued after it and actually got a degree. Well done!

Hey congratulations. Sounds like yr wrll set up for the future!

Shame there's no money in sociology!

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That's a good reason to have been quiet, good job man! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations, Justin! Proud of you and your achievement, mate. Hopefully I can graduate in a couple of months too. I know this last stretch won’t be easy, though…

How's international finance? You got me interested in taking finance as well. :)

It's interesting, in general. But right now we're doing a course in Econometrics and it's soul-crushing... Somehow it feels too abstract and the lecturer is not good at all – he drones for hours from his notes instead of trying to make the material more accessible and tangible. It could be an interesting subject, but right now my motivation for taking this course is pretty low. I'm really looking forward to my studies to finish and to start a real job in FinTech – hopefully right after the graduation. I'm getting on Skype with someone working at ICONOMI in 10 minutes, gonna ask them for career advice and see if they would have any job openings for someone with my qualifications.

Congrats to a great accomplishment.

Congratulations. Seem quite fast.

Congratulations. That is a big accomplishment.

Congrats! We all need to keep on learning!

I don't know if you have been told so far but... Congratulations!

Quiet No More and Stronger Than Ever, Congratulations to You @getonthetrain !!!

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