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Oh well, I don't know why this complains still hold around your blog. I read your articles, all of them but when I feel like I am not part of the audience, I simply read through, shrug my shoulders as a continue down the lane to explore the community.

It's not everything posted on Steemit that is for everyone of us. I read quite a lot from diverse range of authors even from those outside the English language, if I don't understand it, I assumed am not the intended or target audience and I don't have to shout to the author to ask why I was excluded from the conversation. I rarely comment on issues of cryptocurrency and market analysis. It doesn't mean I don't read them, it just means am not set to be part of the conversation (you can listen but don't speak). So to everyone who feels you are left out of a conversation, I think you have to do something about your FOMO attitude. And to the author, if you believe you are on the right path, remember this photo
images (4).jpeg

You just can't please us all.


Haha..I really enjoyed your cartoon(I don't know it's 'Native speaker's word')..Right perspective!

Thank you. Not really mine. It's a popular cartoon online. I couldn't find the original to source it.

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