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in #education4 years ago (edited)

Your style is conversational. I find it a little long-winded at times to be honest. You are capable of producing dizzying amounts of coherent prose with great photos as a cherry on top. But that's your style and what your cognitive processes churn out naturally. For you to heavily trim down your text would be a chore, I imagine. It is doubtful as to whether or not you could earn much more by doing that. You're already doing quite well for yourself and not in any kind of urgent need of advice on how to streamline your presentation to maximize turnover or something. :)

By the way, that photo of yours shot in Venice is awesome.


I like the long-windedness, if there was a fire, I would make it shorter ;)

Yes, I don't think I can do much at this point to change earnings so it is up to the upvote gods if they deem me worthy.

Thanks, it was almost pitch black and the exposure time was around 30 seconds if I remember. Would love to have a few nights more in Venice. It is a beautiful city.

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