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RE: Did I Pass My First College CLEP?

in #education3 years ago

Well done!!

We had our mid-term exams two weeks ago, for the first two courses of the programme. A lot of math was involved in both. The one course that I thought was the most difficult (due to the math) I actually passed with an A grade. And the one that felt easier, I got a B, falling just two percentage points below the threshold for A. If I do well on my written assignments for the same course (I got A for the first one that’s already been graded), I might get A for the entire course too. These first two exams were not easy, but now I’m feeling more confident in my ability to learn and pass the programme’s courses.

Good luck on your next exam! I believe in you! ;)


Hey, nice scores and thanks!

I am really bad at advanced math. If I can't see a use for it in normal life it just flys over my head. However, statistics is something I 'get' and the one practice test I did I got a 93% on. Next test up is College Composition. Will have to study up for it.

Good luck, man!