Tips to Improve on Remembering Names

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Hey everyone. This post is going to show you some ways to improve remembering other people's names. It is a bad feeling when someone remembers your name and you can't remember their name. Or if you have to introduce someone and you have no idea what their name is in order to introduce that person. Hopefully this post will help you remember those names to prevent these awkward scenarios. Lets get to it...

One reason that you are not remembering someone's name when you first meet them is due to the fact that you are not motivated or interested in remembering their name. Imagine that someone would pay you $1 million USD if you could remember everyone's name in a party that you attended, the odds of you remembering everyone's name would be highly increased. We are all brilliant at remembering names if we are motivated enough to hold on to them. Become motivated and interested in names and learn to brand people according to that name.

If you really want to remember names like a memory master, then you have to focus on the 4 "C's." The 1st C stands for Concentrate. Take control of the introduction and slow down the introduction to really get the name of the person that you are meeting. Make remembering names something that is important to you. You have to first get a name in order to turn it into a memory. We are normally so worried about being interesting, that we forget to be interested. When you become interested you will want to listen to the name.

2nd "C" is Create. You have to create an image for the name in your mind to be able to re-create it later. We remember faces because they form an image in our mind. Names will not stick because we try to remember them with our auditory memory or our inner voice. Auditory memories are never as solid as visual memories. To hold onto a memory we must make an image out of the name. The more connections and meaning you can give the name, the more it will stick. Create a picture.

3rd "C" Connect. All learning is creating a relationship between the known and unknown. You will already know the face so you need to connect the unknown name to the known face. When you see the face it must act as a trigger or peg to bring the name to your awareness.

4th and final "C" Continuous Use. To make the name stick in your memory forever you have to continue using it. Talk about the name. Ask the person what their name means, or how they spell it. Also, use their name in conversation. Connect all of the 4 "C's" together. They are designed to improve your focus of attention.

Well there you have it. Try to use the four "C's" to help remember other people's names. With a little practice and awareness, you will see how easy it is to remember names. Let me know how it goes.

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