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Its not just you,those who have the English as their native language write 'Tough to understand to others' level of English..I'm the only person in our locality to buy English newspaper 'The New Indian Express'..After reading the kind of posts such as your 's,I feel like those journalists working in that newspaper have still a long way to go!

The language can be twisted to whatever way we like if we are adept at it.I know two languages veey well- Malayalam and Tamil.Yet,I can't understand many writings in those languages.

Atleast your way of writing is in prose..We will get the meaning if we have the time to read..Many people in steemit write 'Poems'. For example d-pend.I don't even understand their 'Title'!


Hahahahaha, yea poetry is losing it's value. These days we just write them as plain stories when so the fans can let us sleep. I remember my one of my first poem on Steemit, I had lots of complains even my friends called that it was difficult to grasp, that was when I knew good poetry is losing it's value. So I started writing my poems in simple style and that's when I lost my mojo for it. Just like @tarazkp mentioned, I wasn't flowing anymore, so I simply lost all interest in poetry.

Do your own thing as there is room for many facets of a person here

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