Why it's best to hire slowly but fire quickly?

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It's a good idea to take a long time to hire and let people go quickly.

Sounds harsh. But if there is someone who works with you that has a bad attitude or does not add value, that bad apple could destroy the entire culture of your company.


Also, when you are interviewing ensure that you do that in different settings like in the office and say at dinner or a cafe. And never ever contact the references they give for obvious reasons! :)

Well, that's my approach.
Happy hiring!

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thank you for post

You're most welcome!

lol . . . for sure those references are make ups!

Haha, always!

That is true! If you want a quality worker you have to get to know a bit more of the person you want to work with. Test his knowledge and his communicate skills too. You said well that a bad attitude can make bad things for company.

Absolutely! Thanks for sharing. :)