An Educator’s Pursuit, Changing the world first-hand

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Teaching is a noble pursuit. It possesses a great power as well as great responsibilities. Every teacher plays a vital role in the process of molding the younger generation of a society. As Marian Wright Edleman once said, “Education is improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world, better than you found it”. It is a child’s necessity to learn and be filled up with the things they need for their future endeavors.

In a classical perspective and custom, it is an educator’s duty to make sure a child follows a certain path and norms as it grows. On the contrary, the children become sheeples that goes wherever their master wants them to be, rather than becoming lone wolves who are always hungry for new adventures and romance that would eventually benefit humanity. Countless story tellers and wanderers from the dark ages, witnessed how tradition and culture played a big role in honing every child’s path and growth. This classical archetype of education must be banished from our collective consciousness and instead teach the children how to think independently and lead them to a bigger and broader sense of purpose in this vast ocean of possibilities.

Everyone can educate someone, but being an educator as a profession has far more powerful impacts towards society. As educators are the ones that teach the children things that their parents can’t, things that make the children what they are. Every child bears a great power in its own hands and it is important that they decide and discover their own fate and path, and independently develop their own sense of purpose. With this, each child can be a master of his own destiny.

One of the biggest responsibilities of every educator is to make sure that every child is filled. Teaching is not merely about relaying what was from the books, there’s something much bigger than that. Teaching is similar to artworks in the process, artists doesn’t stop unless they are done polishing every detail of a piece. Teaching can be about maximizing the opportunity to contribute to a bigger picture, simply by guiding the younger generation with the laws of nature and society. In this scenario, teachers are the wisest among men. Educators don’t get old and stop learning, they get old because they stop learning.

A little creativity and authenticity in teaching can go a long, long way. But the most important thing to consider here is that, teachers are artists and the students are the canvass. The world changes as time passes and these changes starts from the teachers themselves.

Ganjhot Champloo