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A sunny morning is very supportive for us move steemian friends in this morning is always given health and fluency in the move. On this occasion I also want to share pictures of pictures of beautiful bird eggs.

As I walked along a small forest on the edge of the river I saw a bird's nest open. I try to see clearly it turns out in the bird's nest there are two eggs with a very beautiful color.

Small forests are very liked by birds to make their nests because they are far from predators that will interfere. Maybe this is just my post this time, hopefully my friends love it do not forget upvote and resteem..


I love photography that's really outstanding work lovely look I like it very much u r blog photography is my hobby because it's relation to nature

thank you for liking my post .. success always @arslannasir

your photo remembered my boyhood. In my boyhood, I spent my time looking for a bird's nest. When I found one, I would so happy. Your uploaded photo has caught my eye. It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I am very happy if the display of my photos has made you remember your childhood is very happy .. hope your day is always filled with happiness.

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