Greg Hunter Interview: Gerald Celente - The Economy and the U.S. 2020 Election

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Greg Hunter interviews Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and publisher of The Trends Journal, about politics, election, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (02:00) Censorship is real;
  • (06:15) U.S. presidential election;
  • (07:31) U.S. voter turnout;
  • (10:32) What do you think about the big turnouts at rallies?;
  • (13:55) Do you think the big issue in the U.S. election is Lockdown?;
  • (16:34) What do you see as trends in voting demographics?;
  • (22:17) What do you think about influence peddling?;
  • (25:16) What do you see as the trend for big media?;
  • (30:46) What trends do you see in big states?;
  • (33:22) What effect will voter fraud have on the outcome?;
  • (34:45) What do you think will happen after the election?;
  • (36:11) What trend do you see for the holidays?;
  • (39:55) Tell us about the Trends Journal;
  • (41:19) What trends do you see for the economy?;
  • And more...

49 minute video by Greg Hunter published 24 October 2020

Link Associated with this Interview

Trump the Winner in November – Gerald Celente


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I support mike sir for providing here huter weekly.

interesting interview with GREG HUNTER, thank you very much for sharing

Happy Vijaya dashami Mike sir great job 👍sir keep continue.

Hola @etcmike, en elecciones todo mejora aunque sea una ilusión. Feliz día.

Great interview with
Greg Hunter, thank you for sharing,
Have a nice day

I mostly agreed with Gerald Celente but not on one point that 20th century was American Century and 21st is Chinese. This was such a baseless point.
anyways, keep sharing and keep flourishing.

It is a trend the Gerald Celente sees, that does not make it a fact. There are many factors that could change and bring about a new trend. As always, time will tell.

Have a great week!
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Hola @etcmike… He elegido tu post sobre “-Entrevista a Greg Hunter: Gerald Celente - La economía y las elecciones estadounidenses de 2020
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Hello @etcmike… I have chosen your post about “-Interview with Greg Hunter: Gerald Celente - The economy and the 2020 US elections- "for my daily initiative to retest ...

This much is clear , that our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC is under ATTACK by communist invaders❗️ We must all take up our constitutional responsibilities and defend and protect her . 🤨

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