Tyger’s Electric Dreams Short Story Contest #2 -A new face

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So this is the second run of the electric dreams contest. This time you are prompted to write an original story in the perspective of the first child born in natural childbirth in a society that for the last 300 years consisted of sterile clones. (one male one female version). By some miracle (you choose what it is) a clone gets pregnant and the baby is not a clone. Take it from here and let's see where it goes 😊 waves @moneyinfant

The First Place Winner will receive 5 Steem and 1/3 of the SBD this post generates.

Second Place will receive 3 SBD and 1/3 of the SBD generated from this post.

Third Place will receive 2 SBD and the remaining 1/3 of the SBD generated.

A big thank you to @henry-gant who donated the Steem portion of this contest 💜

Contest Specifications:

Your mission, if you choose to take it, is to write a short story of 1000+ words (no longer than 3000 words). Write it from the perspective of the first child born in natural childbirth in a society that for the last 300 consisted of sterile clones.

other specs:

1-upvote this post as it will help making the rewards pool larger. (You do not have to resteem but it would be appreciated as it lets people know about the contest).

2- all included pictures need to be your own or include a correct image source

3- the story needs to be your own work specifically written for this contest. Plagiarism or recycling will be cause for instant disqualification.

4- you must post it under the tag #electricdreams

5- leave a link to your entry in the comment section of this post

6- only one entry is allowed per participant

The deadline falls when this post reaches payout - so 7 days from now.

Good luck to all participants!


This is my entry into the #electricdreams writing contest. A story written from the viewpoint of the first natural born of a clone in 300 years.

Thank you, upvoted and resteemed.

H. G.

Thank you for this wonderful entry :D

Oh i am so gutted I missed this round! I will have to catch the next one :)

I have a round open at the moment in case you didn't see it :) - I wish you could select certain people to be featured in your feed cos I miss so much I wish I had spotted!

nods, me too the way the feed is is a mess i just started using ginabot it helps a bit but I am still catching up ... nd no i did not see :(

I haven't heard of ginabot, I will have to check it out!

It doesn't end until sunday so there is time still :)

it's a discord thing on of my little poetry brothers @hazem91 introduced me to you can set a list of people whose posts she will alert you to ..I set up mine yesterday but am working through the fed slowly ...still a lot better than what steemit itself has . the thing has a few nifty features too ...


YUP @ginabot is awesome.. that's how I found my name here btw ;)

Whew. That's a tough prompt but lovely. Bladerunner2ish.

Thanks for giving back with a contest, interesting prompt!

Thank you for your entry love :) I am so glad you guys keep coming back :)

I loved the prompt, really enjoyed writing this story https://steemit.com/electricdreams/@spalatino/special-little-boy. I Resteemed your post, Doing my bit in spreading the word of this interesting contest :)

Thank you for you entry Dear :)

Hello there mr @tygertyger! I would like to participate

Hello, well then please do :)

Thank you so much for another great piece :)