Four New Gadgets from the Future

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Let's talk about something else for a minute, a cool China story. I remember the first time I was really AMAZED by China. It was 2 months after I arrived and a friend took me to Hua Qiang Bei 华强北, to get a new computer. Her cousin had a shop there.

Imagine this: A bright labyrinth about the size of a Walmart, but 8 stories tall. Soooo many new and unknown gadgets, mounds of copper wire, every imaginable plug and USB-to-whatever-you-want connection, EVERYTHING. It was overwhelming but so cool. And everything was about 10-20% of the price in the USA.


A month ago, I wanted to see what was new and cool. I went online and found these nifty gadgets. Even after buying from China and having them shipped air freight, they were still way less than what I found on Amazon:


A USB and wireless charger with a funny mushroom LED light. Cool little guy with 3 USB ports and a cool wireless charger. This was my first time wirelessly charging my phone and it's cool! It's really amazing just plopping a phone down and then walking away, and picking it up.


The 2nd one is a solar-powered wireless power bank. That's a mouthful. You put your phone on the right most black rectangle and it functions as a power bank. You can also use USB too. The power bank can be recharged by the sun. Really cool, and also good if I ever need to bug out, or just go camping.


Third is a UV light sanitizer. I think what's happening is a socially engineered perceived crisis, just like the WaR oN tErRoR (That you never hear about anymore, but no mention or celebration that it was "won"?), but I think it's true that phones and phone cases get dirrrrrrrty. I was able to get a prototype and they're sending the real mass-produced one from China now, on the house!


Lastly, this AT-ST looking thing is an adjustable laptop holder. It's super useful, pretty fun, but makes you think about your strategy to adjust it. You push those silver circles and then that arm adjusts in increments of 15 degrees. Quite versatile, not super heavy, and I'm using it now as I type!

I made this post to:

  1. show off some new toys and
  2. remind people that there IS still innovation happening, and as Doug Casey likes to say, "The future is not only better than we imagine, it's better than we CAN imagine."

Have you gotten any new gadgets or had any upgrades to your life lately?


Wow. Wow. Wow. All of them look so cool, especially the mushroom shape thing! And the laptop holder too! I need to get one for my work from home!