Presenting to all my Steemian friends another project of mine: Emanate!

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Dear Steemian friends,

After DSound was launched, in September 2017, I started getting people contacting me for all the reasons imaginable... But some night a folk from Australia came to me... He is a music producer and he had a real interest in DSound and about my story of developing it. We kept chatting for hours and talked about music production, exchanged photos of our studios (this is like regular guys exchanging photos of their cars, you know...), and the conversation continued...

Then we had a meeting with some other guy, this time via Skype. I was in Oporto in north of Portugal in a work gig, so we got a really cool chat about some idea these guys had and how it would play out. They needed the technical part and wanted me in. We realized that our visions for the future of music in blockchain were aligned and we became friends. :)

Since then we evolved together that idea and it started to become so clear on our heads that we had all pieces together for it to become a reality, so a company was put together: Blockchain Music Pty Ltd.

We are a team of musicians, DJs, music producers and music lovers, that came together through sharing the same vision about what blockchain technology can bring to the music industry, to music production and collaboration. We brought our experiences together to create the project that I am about to introduce you to:

Emanate (


Continuing the excellent path that DSound opened on the music industry to empower independent audio content creators around the globe to monetize their works, now it's the time to extend that power to professional music production and collaboration!

What's Emanate?

Emanate is a new backbone for the music industry and is composed of:

  • MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol (MN8 AEP) - allow Emanate audio to be integrated with any platform... with rights, royalties, payments and all metadata built in. MN8 AEP is to music, what HTTP is to web content but we’ve upgraded it with decentralization, real time monetization and trust less licensing and collaboration.
  • Emanate Live - the world’s first blockchain music production workflow and community. Artists on opposite sides of the planet will collaborate seamlessly and contractually without leaving their studio.
    Even Emanate listeners get out what they put in - those who build a following and influence the community will find they are able to earn income on Emanate Live and other platforms.

The Team

@prc - Founder/CTO/Lead developer - Pedro is DSound creator and lead developer and he brings the technical background, along being a musician, DJ and lifelong music addict, passionate about blockchain changing the world.

@frew - Founder/Industry Relations Director - Jimi is an entrepreneur, music producer and DJ with more than 12 years of professional experience and he brings the people's magic and industry insight.

@seang - Founder/CEO - Sean has spent the last 12 years creating digital brand communications and technical platforms for top global brands and agencies and he brings the glue that tie us all together and the will to push boundaries.

@trents - Founder/CFO/COO - Trent is an entrepreneur, investor and he knows music and media inside out, having over 14 years experience commercializing digital platforms in the music and entertainment space and he brings the gravity that keeps us at planet Earth.

Why not just extend DSound?

DSound is based on Steem blockchain and inherits all the benefits of the reward pool that we all love and that empowers all of us to create content and be rewarded for it.

Although this approach is great for content that has a strong connection with time, such as news, blogs, social networks, etc; we've had difficulty in aligning it with music content, because music is timeless!

We think that DSound will continue to be the best publishing and monetization platform for the independent and up coming artists, musicians and sound content producers in general, along side with other sound content that is more connected with time like podcasts and audio blogs.

But to the professional music business the 7 day monetization window that Steem blockchain enforces is very limiting, specially to well known artists and musicians that already have their own followings or to independent music labels that want to publish their artists work.

Here a pay per play or attention based monetization approach as well as other licensing possibilities come much more interesting, as the works remain monetizable and licensable forever, with direct and realtime payment of rights and license fees from the user to the author.

Emanate Ecosystem


MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol

Emanate Live is built on the MN8 AEP, so new protocol releases will be realised as the platform evolves. Emanate will launch an open source API and SDK development program, allowing the entire music industry to access the ecosystem and leverage its power and interconnectedness.


Web and mobile app

The first product to market in 2018 will be the web app. Music producers can seal their work with ‘Smart Collaborations’ and publish their works on the platform. Music lovers will discover new music, create playlists and follow their favourite artists who will be paid for listening royalties.


Smart contract collaborations

Our blockchain smart collaboration layer will launch from day one of the Alpha release. Each time two artists share some audio, an agreement is executed on the blockchain. This is the backbone of the Emanate ecosystem which is used for royalty calculations and artist payments.


Mac and PC app for music producers

A Mac and PC application will allow streamline the music production workflow, leveraging files stored locally on your hard-drive, with IPFS-based Emanate samples. Each Emanate application can operate as a node on a studio computer, generating even more value for holders.

DAW Plugins

DAW plugins

Digital Audio Workstation plugins and integrations will be released which will bring Emanate sounds and collaborations directly into the DAW, removing file downloads completely. The journey from sound recording to full track release will now exist in a frictionless, Emanate based workflow.


Audio attribution engine

A series of audio-recognition algorithms will ensure only unique, high quality audio makes it to the platform. Another audio analysis process will look for copyright violation and Emanate will not only protect artists from fraud, but will also reward and incentivise musicians for the creation of unique music.

Beyond the technology

Technology in general and music technology in particular are of course my passions, but the guys in this team are turning up the heat with their approach to our supporting team, advisors, partnerships and launch plans. We are in the lead up to an ICO and a lot of exciting news are coming soon.

Get in touch?

Check out my interview in an hour!

I'll be talking about DSound and Emanate hosted by Petra Jordan (@petrajordan) on Facebook Live, so tune it to watch it...


Also, if you like what I do for the Steemian community, please vote for my @prc Witness here. Thank you!


or if you cannot find me on the top 50 anymore (I hope you do, but votes come and go...)


Thanks a lot to all Steemians, developers and music addicts like me for your support and encouragement!

Peace! :)


Dear @prc,
I wanted to inform you of an opportunity that #promo-steem has for you and other major projects on the steem blockchain.
We are the media partners for the London Crypto Currency Show on 14th April. In return for this, we have managed to get our hands on 14,000 usd of promotional access in the form of 2 x hour long presentation seminars and one 4 x 3m exhibition stand.
Instead of using the presentation time and exhibition stand to ourselves we decided to let the major projects and notable steemians use it. So we are giving away talking spots and the opportunity exhibit at our stand for free.
This is quite a big deal since the London Crytpo Currency Show is organised by the London Investors Show, a well-established, long term investing exhibition which brings in crowds of 2,500 experienced investors through its doors at most events. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for the steem blockchain to make a strong mark at one of the premier blockchain events in the UK, and Europe basically for free.
Please see this blog for further details. I hope you are interested in either sending someone from your project to talk at one of the seminars, supporting the event or spreading the word to other major projects or notable steemians.
I look forward to hearing from you!

This is by far the most exciting thing I read. And then I just discovered the Blockchain services. Since I've already done and plan to keep doing a lot of collaboration I can't barely imagine what this platform will mean for me and other musicians.

I especially like the idea of automatically make a contract how to split revenue. My self I make fair deals in my collaboration, but it's totally dependent that I keep to the agreement and actually share the revenue. This platform will take away the trust issue totally.

Can't wait to dive in to this when it's launched and collaborate with even more people.

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Eclectic indie folk pop musician from Sweden

Um what blockchain are you going to put this MN8 protocol on? I mean IPFS loads very slowly so I don't even listen to music on Dsound anymore... which is a pity but I just have x% of time...

I like this @prc Cong sir.

This is some great great great news!! Respect @prc thank u for creating more platforms to motivate musicians boost our creativity and provide another great platform to build, grow and earn. Kudos!!

WOW! Just WOW! How do you manage to pull it off?!! Dsound was already an awesome platform, but this is going to be F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! I just cannot wait to try it! You can be sure I will be spreading the word far and wide! Thank you, Mr. Reis Colaço, your Great Work is inspiring thousands of us to keep on creating awesome musick! Muchas Gracias!

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"The world is a coffin, we are dead alive..."

For lack of a better place to say this, @prc, is making logged-in users follow @dsound WITHOUT their permission.

This happened to me a few minutes ago, and I only noticed because I've known about this issue from here:

Where @dlive displayed the same behaviour and apologized later in the comments. I knew this could happen and was already on the look-out.

This is the transaction that did WITHOUT my permission.

This is not cool.

If you're using third-party tools to build dsound you should check what they actually do.


PT: Não é por mal, e peço desde já desculpa por provavelmente não estar a ir pelos canais correctos. Fui ao e está vazio, e não uso telegram, o que complica um bocado a comunicação. Acho o dsound excelente (apesar de alguns soluços na performance) e só desejo que a plataforma evolua. Se puder ajudar com alguma coisa, apesar de web-dev não ser o meu forte, é só dizer. Abraço.

I agree - not very cool indeed. And it did happen to me with @dlive, but their post was received with welcome from me. Dsound should do the same

Hey Paula, thanks for chiming in on this subject. I've been waiting for the week days to get a response from @prc, he might not be available, I suppose.

By the way, do you know perhaps where can I get some info on this external tool @dlive and possibly @dsound might be using that does this automatically?

I've done a short google search and can't find anything. But I'll keep at it, still.

It's just that this is kind of dangerous actually, from an #infosec point of view. There's been a wave of attacks on external libraries and modules that are not part of the internal code base of various websites. Much like the recent TextHelp attack discovered by Scott Helme(Twitter Link), a reputable security researcher.

Here's the article on TextHelp if you haven't heard of it:

In this specific case a crypto miner was running in the TextHelp JS library, leading to all the users visiting the thousands of web-sites using the library, mining an estimated $5000 worth of cryptos. This could have been way worse than just mining cryptos, btw.

In our case here at the steem-sphere, an attack like this could be used to hijack or steal some valuable accounts. So, whatever tool/library/module devs of these projects are using, I'd like to have a look at it, and others certainly more capable than me to do so as well.

So, if you have some info on this to point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.


This is one of the reasons I started looking into blockchain in the first place! As a producer and engineer, I rarely receive credit for my work in any online arena even from well intended and honest clients. Having all of this inherent to the system with a protocol for royalty payments is truly exciting. Bravo!

Another one for us the musicians,?
Wow i think you are doing a great and wonderful appreciable work brother.
I love the way yoj have been motivating the musicians to work hard .
I am very happy for that and i cant wait to post my first studio work on your cool project.
Much love😊❤

All this sounds so awesome. I am holding fingers crossed for you guys to succeed and of course with our (the community) help! I'm beyond excited about it!

Nice work, this sounds like another awesome project that will add a lot to Steemit, and it's influence in the music industry. Good luck :)

Two points especially pique my interest:

>to the professional music business the 7 day monetization window that Steem blockchain enforces is very limiting, ...


>a pay per play or attention based monetization approach as well as other licensing possibilities come much more interesting, as the works remain monetizable and licensable forever, with direct and realtime payment of rights and license fees from the user to the author.

I.e., removing the non-creator middlemen (plural) from the equation. Forever.


Nice one prc, so with this, we are essentially movingthe global music industry to the blockchain?

While i do love dsound, its somewhat limited in that whatever you upload there can only pay you once and thats all.

If it gets no reward, thats even worst, because then your song is forever on the internet, with no pay, and everyone has it.

For a professional like say drake, a one time pay isnt going to break even, with all the mixjng eng, producers, mastering and work done on it.

A pay per click system is best, if this can provide that easily, then im game.

Im on my way to being a top league producer and dsound cant help enough with that.

#emanate I think it's an excellent choice for the new talent that comes up ... since it can monetize your music and have benefit from it .. my question is when it starts emanate and work directly with steemit ..?

Hey @prc - will there be a discord for this, or will you roll it into the current DSound one?

EDIT: you know what, I'll just ping you a message over there, I need to have a chat anyway!

We use Telegram for this project... please check in the post for the link. Thanks! :)

No problems. I'll try out over there.

This sounds really cool, especially because it seems like it could be the next big movement in media production and distribution. I'll be excited to see how I can support and participate in the effort.

This looks a great initiative. Well done! DSound is (almost) fine, but it is glitchy with playback and it is not satisfactory that older uploads can disappear. For playing music and promoting my own tunes, I prefer It remains to be seen where the future lies but blockchain music in its various incarnations is certainly the way to go for ALL independent musicians.

This is an excellent project and could become very big! DSound is a good idea and MN8 sounds similar but more advanced in creating music projects that could pay off over longer periods of time. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Holy smokes this is incredible.

Appreciate what you are doing to help musicians o weeee.

This is another really awesome project man. Im looking forward to the launch. Finally an ICO that's worth participating in.
Resteemed, I'm hyped up about this, love all these blockchain based music projects that are popping up!

Thank you for all that you do and good luck with the new endeavor... Totally agree with the 7-day theory, especially when, to your "music is timeless" point, artists like the Beatles and so many others are STILL getting royalties whereas the Steem blockchain wasn't built with the idea of "royalties" in mind. I also think the collaboration aspect is HUGE and look forward to using your new platform... Much success from San Francisco!

This is so amazing man! 🙏

Wow, this is an incredible idea. On the mailing list now.

very good idea @prc . I hope @dsound is growing rapidly in the world of blockchain. I wait for the next good news

Nice work bro!!!

This is fantastic. Someone with the drive and passion that you have can only make this a huge success.

Congratulations and good luck, although you don't really need that later!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

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All these people doing such awesome things with the blockchain! Keep the awesome going.f

wow, so cool! Really stoked about the collaborative apps and plugins! Been talking about tools like that for years!! Gah, can't wait to use it ❤️

WOW! What a great initiative! This is so cool! I've never been this excited about being a musician in this day and age. Thank you for all that you do, Sir! THANK YOU!

hey there...good to see you are making things are creating a cryptocurrency and that is huge......wish you the best....and it's true.....big artists will feel reluctant about having their work valued and price tagged publicly like it happens on the steem blockchain.....wish you success, i have sympathy for you man

I'm using @dsound everyday... Please follow me @muhammadzikri

I was working on, which is a DAW for the blockchain , and I was wondering if it could compliment your project

Amazing. I love seeing the evolution of Blockchain usage. Keep it up, I will be following this project.

yep, that's a smart move @prc my only concern is for the MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol part, while it's genius in what your are doing i always worry about things like that -- i mean mp3 was kinda lucky at the right time, maybe you can recreate the same thing. i wish you all the best because i love your dsound work.

Hello, a great question for us :-) MN8 AEP is to music what HTTP is to web content. We believe that the world's music needs a place to live, not on people's hard drives! MN8 AEP is a set of APIs, an endpoint for audio streaming and two-way data sending - metadata and a set of protocols for interacting with that piece of Audio. Not a file type like mp3. We think the future of music distribution might look a bit like that and Pedro's vision will help us get there.

yes i know what your saying. sure, i'm not talking about file types i'm talking about proprietary codecs and ideas like that. for it to be big it needs to become as standard as the way mp3 was rolled out, i mean apple have their own formats for itunes but it's limited in that i can't use that music in other apps -- innovation man, it's a fine line between getting ahead and standing there hoping to catch a fish ;)

Right, where are you sourcing the acoustic fingerprinting from? @prc?

Amazing project! :)

Hey Pedro! this is extremely exciting and great news for the music community here on steemit!
I've only been here just over a month and have already seen my music make an impact on the @dsound platform, thanks to the support of you and your team!
You obviously have that creative touch when it comes to radical planning, collaboration and Brainstorming ideas!
I'm with you 100% on this and look forward to seeing, hearing and using this new brand new platform!
Like my fellow talented musician friend @jonmagnusson says 'the automation of contracts' between collaborators will be brilliant!
Can't wait to dive straight in to this!
@mrbloom aka Darren Claxton

PS. I really want some MN8 Tokens! I'll have to power down in order to buy some though! But, I can live with that.

This is a great idea. It's a hybrid between hitRECord which is just a web platform and the monetization possibilities of blockchain.

Looking forward to seeing more with this!

@prc great post. Thank you very much.

Completely Amazing! All the best with the project!! :)

This just blew my mind. It sounds amazing. Literally allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in real time.

I love the idea of DAW plugin so I can use Emanate with ableton.

Can't wait for the product :)

Awesome! This is going to be huge :) It's great to see people like you developing this for independent artists, to actually make a living or earn some extra money to put into new recordings.

Can't wait for Emanate to launch in Alpha this July! Good luck man!

Very exciting and interesting stuff..
Is it going to be it's own blockchain?

this is insane!!

Wow amazing! Keep steeming ♥

Oooohh WoW!!! This is exciting, it's just getting better & better! <3

wooow ! exciting

This could be huge! Also sounds like quite a daunting project to get going properly but I'm totally supporting!

This looksand sounds like the most revolutionary development in music for decades. This is truly ground-breaking and I wish the team at eminate the most successful launch. Good Luck!

Very interested to see this into the future, you have my support! upvoted and resteemd, looking forward to it, and working with others!

Also, not quite sure what the witness thing is, but I appreciate what you do here so you now have my vote on that as well! Thanks for being you!

Holy shit @prc this sounds absolutely amazing! I'm so excited to give this a try.

This is very cool, already use Dsound and we are excited to see where this goes. Are you building out your own blockchain or forking something else??

Outstanding work! Congrats to all of you!
Can't wait to see/hear more of it.
Did you have to murder anybody to be allowed to set this all up ;)

Sounds awesome, very exited about this! Will follow your progress!

hopefully the project idea successful.
hopefully in the future @dsound growing in the world of music blockchain.
good work @prc

Hello again @prc. I'm having trouble uploading on @dsound. It says: Local IPFS Offline. I uploaded once, a few days ago, and I didn't have this problem. What can I do to solve this problem?

There were problems in the gateways, but it should be back to normal now... thanks! :)

Thank you for your help! :) It's fixed now :)

Is this Seth Cohen?

We're so glad Emanate has become reality @prc. Here at Volareo we're building the hardware to make the experience of using this platforms even more seamlessly and interactively. Well done to you sir!

Wow @prc this is such an exciting project! I'm so psyched to see this, can't wait for it to be up and running :D

very awesome. You will be very busy with both dsound and emanate. I hope that it will not take away from the development of dsound

I really appreciate this. Just came across it on day 8 of your post, but I went and voted for you as a witness. I've been a guitarist and recording engineer in California for over 25 years. Loving the platform and what you're creating. I look forward to supporting you and the artists moving forward.

Sorry, but
I just thought:
What the FUCK. This is mind blowing.

The amazing way of team building is of course the collaboration.
I really like this news, and I congratulate you
I hope Emanate become popular like Dsound.

Hi, your post has been very nice. I am ready to vote and comment on all of them and hope you vote and comment.My steem id link

Wrote a Swedish Translation. A little bit tricky to translate technical concepts that barely exists in Swedish but I did my best :)

Wow, @prc, you’re a busy man! Just getting the hang of @dsound, but I’m sure more sophisticated users/musicians will really appreciate this. Wishing you continued success ✌🏼

That is sounding too kewl!!! When I got to the DAW plugins place, pleasantly felt back to the chairm thinking - we no get bored, noway!!!! :) Godspeed to the fab project! (witnessed and found you at 41 :) )

Very interesting friends

i want to bring witness to my d 0 w/(h) e (a)d

Too much info. And not enough.
I am not a computer user. I blog on steemit @simon62
I was told the easiest way to put up some sound on my post was with dsound. I logged in. No instructions. Or if there is I don't even recognise them. So, query. I have an mp3 that is 4min 10sec long, so more than 300 mb, too large to send via txt that on phone,so it tells me.

  1. How to get mp3 from my sound recorder on phone. It will not go to clipboard, so do I handwrite the designation? 2. So how to upload to dsound. 3. How to upload from dsound to post create.?
    My boy tells me to ask google everything, but, google doesn't seem to know, Or, so much bumf on those sites that I'm overlooking simple upload.
    If upload not simple, what's the point? I've spent hours, and cannot find any instructions. I've got a steemut account. I've got a dsound login. I've got a sound recording. Now how do they work together, please.
    Not techie crap, just words for a non-computer user, thank-you.
    Keep on keeping on. 😇
    On a phone! Nil cpu

I wish you had given a paragraph of instruction. Two days I've messed about now. No one on steemit helps, they just say 'when' you've uploaded, as if dsound made it fkg easy. I've filled in dsound boxes, and still cannot get upload. So HOW-to is important. Just because you have computer skills. This is a blog site. I was bought a smart phone and had steemit opened. I've no computer education since analogue, and then very little as I was boss with several secretaries. Now I'm cut off from all techies, because they assume everybody is computer literate. Instructions beneath face page would save a lot of people major hassle. Same goes for steemit. It's stupid to assume anything. You are obviously not stupid, but stupid mistakes can be made. Lack of instruction is one. Because you can't be bothered after creating it, you assume it is easy to use, forgetting easy is only a designation of knowledge and not of lack thereof. You wouldn't last a day at what I do, but I wouldn't let you do it without me beside you, because that would make me irresponsible, and you possibly dead. So, please, where are the instructions for dsound. 😇

You are very senior in steemit and i am very junior in steemit i really appreciate any help from you to help me @weykarma

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