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RE: Presenting to all my Steemian friends another project of mine: Emanate!

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yep, that's a smart move @prc my only concern is for the MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol part, while it's genius in what your are doing i always worry about things like that -- i mean mp3 was kinda lucky at the right time, maybe you can recreate the same thing. i wish you all the best because i love your dsound work.


Hello, a great question for us :-) MN8 AEP is to music what HTTP is to web content. We believe that the world's music needs a place to live, not on people's hard drives! MN8 AEP is a set of APIs, an endpoint for audio streaming and two-way data sending - metadata and a set of protocols for interacting with that piece of Audio. Not a file type like mp3. We think the future of music distribution might look a bit like that and Pedro's vision will help us get there.

yes i know what your saying. sure, i'm not talking about file types i'm talking about proprietary codecs and ideas like that. for it to be big it needs to become as standard as the way mp3 was rolled out, i mean apple have their own formats for itunes but it's limited in that i can't use that music in other apps -- innovation man, it's a fine line between getting ahead and standing there hoping to catch a fish ;)

Right, where are you sourcing the acoustic fingerprinting from? @prc?

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