The comedian who made whole crowd cry(king of dark comedy)

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Emo Philips is one the most famous actor ,voice actor ,writer,producer and the stand-up comedians of America. His album E=mo² ,released in 1985 ,won the New Music Award for best comedy album . Every time he performed ,the audians was thrilled by his skills,his acting ,and his use of Paraprosdokian (a rhetorical figure used to give an unexpected and surprising conclusion,to a sentence from which we expected a closure appropriate to the first part of speech ) in a falsetto ( Italian diminutive of 'falso' which means ,false ) tone of voice . Same thing happened when he was performing in Royal Albert hall , London . The audians was ready to seize their favourite comedian ,everyone was anxious to see him perform in front of them .And after a long wait, the red curtains of the stage picked up and spectaculars finally saw appearing the shiny face of their beloved dark comedian and welocemed him by standing up form the chairs and applauding to honour his hard work, his passion, his talent and ability to tell the bitter truth of the world and society in very funny and distinctive way, he thanked the people by waving his hand to them.
The show began and he started talking about the most important memory of his childhood and his teenage years . With his rare tone of voice and his unique character he start telling his story very funnily .
He start with: " I've lived my childhood in poverty . My father was Catholic he always used to say that "son ask to the God,he gives everything ..."
After saying this he removed the microphone from his mouth ,and glanced at the hall . There were thousand of people but there was such a deafening silence that even the drop of a needle on the stage wouldn't have been less than a blast . Everyone wanted to listen to him because he was the king of the dark comedy ,he could convert complicated and hectic conversation into funny jokes. He took back the microphone near to his lips and continued the story .
" ...of course , I believe strongly in the power of prayer. Every night I used to pray the God to give me a bycilce ,but then I realised that Lord and his wisdom doesn't work in that way. So , I just stole one ,and asked him to forgive me ! And I got it !. Now I pray simple prayer every morning , an ecuminal prayer , weither you are cristian , Muslim,Jewish or Hindu , I think it begs from the heart of faith ." God , please break the laws of your universe for my convenience .Amen".
Everyone started laughing loudly and he said his last words before leaving the hall "after this whenever I see a rich person ,grieving for his sins to God ,he seems me to be a thief ".
And he left the stage by giving tears to the people's eyes in the hall .images(12).jpg


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