This project is going places!

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Thank you, @josephsavage! It was great meeting you in Toronto, along with Katy and Raven. You may never know how much good it did my heart to see you guys walking her around that auditorium. Restores faith in the family unit, let me tell ya! :-)

Just reaching out to you @rhondak hoping you are well and safe during this storm.

So far so good! It hasn't quite reached my region of the U.S. yet, but it's coming. And I live directly on a creek that floods, so I may be in for an adventure. My house is high enough to be out of danger, but the creek is between it and the road, so I may be stuck here for a while. :-) Thank you so much for thinking about me.

You are welcome. So glad you are safe. Please keep us posted on how you are doing when you can. I looked at everything you some other Steemians posted about the Creators Conference in Toronto. I loved everything. It was the next best thing to being there. I will be following you @rhondak I love all that you do on Steemit and with the fur babies in the shelter.

Thank you so much! Yes, the Steem Creators Conference was everything it was cracked up to be and then some. We had a great time, met lots of interesting people with great ideas for Steem.

And yes, the rescue work is the center of everything for me. It's why I joined the platform and why I do everything, really. It all comes back to the animals. :-)

Stay safe. We might get a little here, but you're in line to get more of it, so our prayers and positive thoughts are with you and yours. ;-)

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I do expect that we'll get a ton of rain. I just hope we don't have the sustained flooding that is happening in the Carolinas. The storm surge isn't something we have to contend with.

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