I will support you @vimm and your project

Thank you very much for your support @seocrush. Everyone @Vimm really appreciate it! <3

Nice but do you have any plans to return these investments?

If you're looking to get a return on your investment, delegation is probably the better option. There will be an update post about delegations within the next week to give you a more detailed explanation of how the payouts are set up and how much you can expect to get from it.

nice one

How is this different from dlive? Any cool new features?

I think the coolest feature that vimm has is the hosting feature, comparable with the one on Twitch. Further you can see the features in development here:

But hey, why choose when you can stream on both! :D

dlive alternative?

I would say it's just a different experience :)

May fortune smile on you. o/

Some SP delegation coming in soon, keep it up guys, let's make this happen :)

Thank you so much for the support @foreveraverage! It's really an honor to have you streaming on Vimm almost everyday. Keep the good content coming broski!

Any project that removed middle man , I support that project that project , I am
Sure this will be success ful , thank you bro for this update , I want to work with you let’s see how we can work

I've decided to delegate to @vimm. I'd like to see this project set sail :)

Thank you so much for your support! It really means the world to us :)

I support this amazing project.💪💪

Thank you for your support @chiefflavy! We really hope you enjoy your time spent on Vimm.TV! :)

I Support this project!

Love your streams man ! Thank you for the support <3

appreciate it homie... love the vimmTV design

We only hope to improve, @chiren has done an amazing job! Alpha is looking very pretty :D

Thanks for your donations and support as well

Thank you so much for the support @mrwang! Keep the good streams coming <3

Great project! I hope my re-steem helps with promotion.

Thank you! Any type of visibility helps. :D

Thank you @experiment. Getting the word out and letting your friends know about Vimm.TV is a great way to support the project!

Nice! I wish I had more stable / faster internet connection, then I could give it a shot :-)

Are you not close enough to our main server? We will be expanding here soon hopefully. :D

yes buddy definitely we support you because we support all our user so that they can grow quickly gud luck
best wishes from @mharis5012

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Wow! Its great. I will support you @vimm and your project

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Which one do you choose guys ? DLive or Vimm.TV ? I think DLive for now because have more viewers.But maybe in the future it can change.

Thanks for sharing this!

Is it possible to get a feature/fact list that can help Steemiens to easily make informed decisions about which video platform best suits their needs. I guess that would be a quick comparison sheet with dlive, dtube and Vimm.

I dived into posting on Dtube and then realised they delete old content which is a deal breaker for me so now I post primarily on Dlive.

I shared a video about my Dlive/Dtube experience here:

Yes I have supported you and me @vishuukey

the best news for gamers.

Nice! Great to see more platforms popping up!

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i also support this project and i hope my resteem and upvote make it more publicaly. :-)

it is a great idea

ill resteem this cos its important

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I live Steemit platform is very welcome!

Thank you,

Mother Liberty.

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Really?wow thats an amazing project

What got you interested in this subject?

Thank you for sharing,i m inviting you to check out my latest blog here

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