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RE: A Deeper Look At Shallow Geothermal - Part 2: Horizontal Optimization

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I also had an article about house heating and I really think that your article complements it nicely. I was more superficial about this type of heating but I would advise my readers to read yours, this is why I will resteem it :D

It seems original and I have enjoyed it.
A nice curiosity (I don't want to imply anything) is that I have seen more and more people using offline references, while I am 100% online reading and referencing.
What makes you lean towards these kinds of studies, are they more complete or why would you prefer to pay for them?

Keep up the good work, now I need to read the first part as well :P


I checked out your article - very interesting take on the subject! I am glad to see some calculations behind the science and to see someone else discussing deep geothermal! Thank you for the resteem!

I appreciate your question regarding my sources. Most of the sources that I included are web-based embedded hyperlinks, but in the end I felt that it was appropriate to include some more detailed and formal research studies on the matter. To be transparent, I did not pay for any of these studies but formerly had access to the journals through a University. Many public academic institutions and libraries have free access to the same journals and (depending on where you live) you can sometimes get guest access without paying anything.

If someone really wants to read in-depth about the thermal conductivity of soils in different physical conditions or the latest cutting-edge research into ground source heat pump systems, these are some of the most detailed sources available. Even without direct access, most people should still be able to read the abstract and get the gist of the publication.

Thanks for your comment and your support!

That's a nice take on further reading. It's similar to what I also do, the sources section I usually name Sources and Further Reading :D

I am also scouring the internets for studies, if you read my previous Mars Colonization Series, but I also wanted to diversity the articles lately to cover and reach more people.

Great job, keep it up!

Good idea on diversifying your audience with different sorts of articles...I look forward to seeing what you come up with! My next post will definitely be a little less technical than this one ended up being, but I've been gradually working on this for several months so I'm glad it is finished!

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