Energy vampirism: who is to blame and what to do.

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In this article you will learn:
How a person who is afraid of energy vampirism behaves
How do people vampire energy on their own
Feel like you're a victim of an energy vampire? Donate blood
What do the energy vampire and Schrödinger Cat have in common
Where do energy vampires and donors come from in terms of psychology

A safety pin. Arms crossed on the chest. Palm turned into a cookie. Imagination constantly visualizes a mirror cocoon around the body. On the neck is the amulet of Fatima's eyes. Lips constantly portray a silly smile and are not ready to articulate to maintain a conversation. At home, at work, on the street, in transport, at a party - wherever there are people, constant monitoring of their emotions and analysis of other people's behavior.

His eyes are focused and intense, his task is to scan those around him: “Aha! This is a vampire! This sunny ... although not, probably, lunar. This one is passive, and that one is aggressive. So, this is a donor. And here’s the vampire whiner, here’s the vampire tyrant, and here’s the talker. Eh, it seems again some kind of energy swallowing was not identified and quietly drank my vitality! I feel chewed, so I need to strengthen my vigilance and protection. ” And God forbid to look into the eyes of another person, to pay attention to him, to allow him to touch.

Something like this, judging by the advice of some psychologists, psychics, bioenergetics, astrologers and esotericists, everyone who is afraid to become a victim of energy vampires should behave. Perhaps the example is exaggerated, but only to emphasize what all these experts are pushing at.

Himself an energy vampire. Who is it?
But people believe them! Even mentally stable persons are persuaded by charismatic professionals who, in one way or another, find the key to each psychotype and in order to assert themselves, pile any heresy in his chest (for that they are pros). Yes, often experts themselves believe in what they are broadcasting. As the law of Orr says: "Whatever the thinker thinks, the prover will prove it." They noticed how medical students, studying the symptoms of various diseases, eventually find it at home - read about scabies and begin to itch nervously.

So there are suspicious people who have heard enough about energy vampirism, its signs and turn into such a dog, a suspect, looking for signs of a ghoul in every sight. Do you know what is interesting? The more a person plunges into a topic, studies what energy vampires are and are afraid of, apply self-defense and attack an imaginary enemy - the more he himself suffers. The more often he becomes exhausted, unsociable, taciturn, irritable, depressed, ill ... In general, he becomes the embodiment of the very symptoms that supposedly indicate that someone is sorbing his energy. But the point is not necessarily in some malicious parasites there. The point is paranoid; it brings a person to a half-fainting state. And rightly remarked Nietzsche "We are all great artists than we imagine."Feel like an energy donor? Donate blood ... for tests
Why, then, in the situation described above, the result is the opposite of the expected? Yes, because "shaw is not healthy"! Be careful - you need to, but do not go too far. Moreover, if you notice signs indicating that you have become a donor to an energy thief, this is an alarming bell. But it does not mean that you need to stock up on “garlic” or “aspen stake”, it is a signal that it is time to go check your health!

Pass a blood test to detect Epstein-Barr virus
Find out if there is anemia, iron deficiency
Check thyroid for hypothyroidism
These are the most common causes of chronic fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, pallor, poor appetite and mood. Also, people with a diagnosis of “dependent personality disorder” often complain about energy vampirism, they are not confident in themselves, do not make decisions without approval, are afraid of loneliness, timid.

Now imagine that a person with undiagnosed mental disorders or anemia, for example, suddenly decides that he has lost his strength due to energy swallowing. He puts a mirror in his pocket, calculates who is surrounded by energy vampires (by zodiac sign, by external signs or by behavior, as experts say) and every time he plunges imaginary arrows into them ... Do you think this will help the patient ?!

Energy Vampires and Psychology
Perhaps it will seem to the reader that the author is a mishandled Cossack from the Ministry of Health and, given free rein, would have burned all clairvoyants, magicians, fortunetellers ... No! Definitely not! The author is for the harmonious coexistence of science and mysticism, for a robust, balanced approach to any issue and against outweighing in one direction. Somewhere you need to take tests, do an ultrasound or an MRI, and somewhere and go to the shaman to bow. And categorization is a sign of limitation.

It may seem that the author denies the existence of energy vampirism. Today there is no evidence of this phenomenon. But there is no evidence that it does not exist. Therefore, for the author, an energy vampire like the Schrödinger Cat - until the “box” is opened, it exists and does not exist simultaneously. Indeed, categorization is a sign of limitation.

Suppose a person has checked mental and physical health - in order. In life, he is cheerful and active, but from time to time his arms drop, his legs give way, his head gets heavy, an irresistible force pulls him to sleep, or at least lie down a little. Well, thanks to charging - health is in order, and when it is not in order - then there has been a discharge? So you need to look for who is to blame for this detente - obviously, none other than the unscrupulous vampire sucked. You need to find it and neutralize it!

So, let’s take another look at the “photobots” of thieves of energy: whiners, talkers, tyrants, brawlers, egocentrists, louts, provocateurs, manipulators, critics, trolls, advisers, good-natured ones ... Trprr! Do not you think that only the yogi in the cave falls under these categories and that you can find fault with him, which is too intrusive at all ?! So, almost all of us are energy vampires (if you are of the opinion that they exist)? It turns out - yes, and this does not contradict the reasons why, from the point of view of psychology, lady vamps and vamp men can appear.

Where do energy vampires and donors come from in terms of psychology
Belief in the existence of energy vampires is a property of archaic and magical thinking (it is imprinted at 3-6 years, when such a perception of the world is considered the norm). In a healthy adult, it is present, but does not prevail. However, in difficult life situations, this type of thinking can prevail, and then a person seriously believes that there are spirits, angels and energy vampires. These entities for an adult are the same “real” figment of the imagination as for a child a monster under the bed. Both the adult and the child are really afraid, finds real evidence, also turns pale and loses strength. But for some reason we are laughing with the children, but we are talking seriously about ghouls.
Regarding the characteristics of energy drinkers.Almost every person will fall into this or that category. After all, everyone has a condition when cats scratch their hearts or when everything around is annoying - at such moments it is better to relax in nature alone or with loved ones. However, the rhythm of life does not allow you to take a vacation when you want, education does not allow you to send everyone away, and often there is not enough finance for what you want. So it turns out that we break down on friends and strangers, cry in a vest or attract attention.
The craving to complain, to pour tips, irritability, talkativeness and other signs are often manifested in people who are very tired, sick or after an illness - so they add variety to their monotonous world.
Also, behavior typical of life force abductors is formed as a result of raising an egoist or an unloved child, often manifested in orphans (the position that everyone owes them). People behave this way not with the aim of biting energy, but because the character is bad. In the “donor,” depletion occurs, because with a heavy person he “gives himself up” emotionally, burns calories.
And indeed, any uninteresting, empty, burdensome communication causes melancholy melancholy, tires, especially if a person is forced to maintain contact against his will - this, I will tell you, is hard work. And what comes after labor? True - tiredness and desire to rest. Here: we spend the vitality ourselves, and not someone is rubbing them!
As for the symptoms of donors, they can be caused by health problems, improper lifestyle (lack of sleep, malnutrition or overeating, etc.) and weather factors (change in atmospheric pressure, intense heat, etc.). If you don’t take care of yourself, then who are you a vampire ?!
For many alleged donors, it’s good to develop the idea of ​​energy vampirism, because it justifies mistakes, rash acts and words, inability to control oneself and communicate with people, laziness, distraction and many other shortcomings and “shoals”.
So what to do, good people? It’s not so important your toxic “ghoul” hit your head, fate is offended or does it practice energy vampirism - the protection is the same - give him a jar of jam and a cat. Oh yes, of course you can build imaginary walls, throw a pin and poke bullets in your nose ... You can stop talking once and for all. And it’s better to throw this heresy out of your head, stop being afraid of a bedside monster and take your mind and hands into taking care of yourself. Lead a healthy lifestyle, visit nature more often, and do what you love. Communicate with those who are pleasant and do not waste mental energy on negative characters, do not dance to their tune - if provoked, do not play by their rules, but keep calm and smile.

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