2019: Engagement League Top 100

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After a couple of requests in the past month or so, the numbers have been crunched for the whole of 2019 for everyone involved in the Engagement League, here we go!

Firstly, thank you to everyone in the top 100 (below) and indeed everyone else who is a part of the leagues. The positive feedback I receive each week is all the motivation I need to continue the weekly post, which will soon be heading into it's 3rd year on the Steem blockchain.

With the decline in the price of STEEM and changes to the rewards structure, I have wondered if their would be a vast reduction in engagement on Steem, but the folks in the list below (and others I'm sure) have kept the place alive and deserve much credit for the time they have put into livening up content in the comments.

Although not present in the weekly post right now, @janton and @tattoodjay stand on their own at the top of the yearly table and both added over 6 million characters of text on chain in comments this year - wow!

@janton has also managed to escape any 'accidents' and has gone the whole year without a single upvote. He's joined in this regard with @glenalbrethsen, @erikah, @bashadow, @kaerpediem, @roleerob, and @xplosive. Impressive stuff!

@jayna deserves a mention for voting for over 7300 different accounts - thousands more than the next best!

@janton just tops the amount of comment text, and @tattoodjay takes the prize for the most comments with over 41000 for the year.

And @brittandjosie deserves a pat on the back for reaching over 3300 unique users with her comments.

A small token of thanks!

Thank you also to the people who have championed and sponsored the Engagement League in the past year. I suspect many are not involved for the (at present) small financial reward, but gamifying the table with these additional prizes has been great - thank you!


Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Like many, my wish for the coming year is that Steem continues to move along, the new additions spark a renewed interest, and the thaw begins on the long crypto winter. Those of us still here, filling those blocks with positive interactions will hopefully enjoy a prosperous year ahead.

Good luck and a Happy New Year everyone!



What an absolutely wonderful thing to wake up ton on New Years Eve. I want to thank you once again for the steem prize, but mostly thank you for this re-cap of the year. I can see a couple of things I am going to want to work on Next Year.

Number one being trying to increase my Unique Votes. 8.6 to 1 ratio needs work on my part. I am hopeful with the new communities that I can find more similar interest content to vote on. I follow a few people on steemit and do see new content producers via resteems, but not to many, so with following communities and not people, perhaps that will change.

The second thing is if I want to end next year on a really high note of 20,000 comments, then I am going to need to step up my number of comments. That is going to be a tough thing to do, but I hope to end up close to that number next year. I still seem to be on track for end of Feb, for my 15000th comment. It is going to take work.

I can assure everyone that in my attempt to accomplish the two goals above, that all my comments and votes will be sincere and real. I hope that everyone has a great New Year, and what an extremely nice way to start the year of Vision out with a 20/20 look back at what we all accomplished engagement wise. Just some simply amazing numbers from a fine group of people.

And what a lovely comment to receive!

Without the people in this list, Steem would be much much quieter, and I have you all to thank for making my time here enjoyable.

I think with an influx of new/revived people, your targets can be achieved - personal life / time permitting of course.

Best wishes to you and yours for 2020!

Those are such great goals, @bashadow. I too am motivated by the numbers to do much better in the coming year. It's such a great checkpoint for seeing how we're doing and where we improve. Huge kudos to @abh12345 for providing all these awesome insights!

Thank you, he has been a great help in providing where I'm at numbers. We need to know where we were, where we are, then we can see where we are going.

Well Goodmorning in 2020 a night without steem and I missed this gem. Third in a years time and a pat on the back, gotta say guys I am proud ! And enjoyed every nano second of the journey. It’s my second year, 730 and somewhat days wow 2020 is gonna be a real beauty and if steem price would cooperate the love will only grow more. @janton and @tattoodjay thanks for being a steem example and @johannpiver @wakeupkitty you two are hard to beat. @dswigle and @melinda010100 you know I love you already but also well done 4 great ladies in the top 10
To all thank you for participating blog to you soon ,
To you Asher , YOU ROCK

Love you too, @brittandjosie! And I love seeing you in 3rd place, leading the way for women everywhere! 😉😘 2020 is going to be a great year for all of us!

Woo-hoo! I am surprised to even show that high. I was absent for a month! Congrats @brillandjosie!

Janton, King of all he sees!!!

And he posts such interesting stuff too!! Happy New Year To you and yours!

He does!! Flinging a happy new year to you and yours too lass!!!

Hopefully his chair and keyboard have stood up well to the test!

Can you imagine how worn they are!

Grooves all over the shop!

Maybe not. Maybe he's AI! Maybe he lives in the MACHINE!

These 100 remaining contestants on the Steem Island will now battle it over the next 12 months for who will reign supreme!

Not without an new office chair I won't....lol.

Lol. A few spare keyboards would also be recommended.

....so would training your brain to work off both sides, use your left side the brain and left hand to operate one keyboard and your right side of the brain and right hand to operate another. If you got really good at it your office could eventually become fitted with more keyboards and computer screens becoming the envy of NASA. lol.

#battle 😀

Happy New Year!

Wow, I was shocked to see 70 Selfvotes, but then I remembered that I actually did that in my first months here ;)

Congratulations and happy New Year @janton and @tattoodjay, @brittandjosie and @wakeupkitty, @dswigle and @chireerocks and the rest of the league.

I wish you and those you love all the best for 2020, may all your wishes come true, @abh12345 and all members of the Engagement League 😊


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I wish you the same @Johannpiber and with lots of photography moments to capture

Thank you so much, @brittandjosie - this is a wish that I wish will come true.

Happy New Year with a !BEER 😉

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Thank you sir johannpiber, you did excellent and will do even better in 2020 I predict.

Thank you @janton, but I don't know if your prediction will come true ;)


I have confidence in it unless you can break your addiction! lol.

I think, giving up Steemit is even harder than quit smoking, what has been quite easy when I think of it now ;)


Haha! Quitting smoking would be easier than quitting steemit. That's a serious addiction, let's hope it turns out to be a healthy one!

Haha, you made a typo - you wrote healthy one instead of wealthy one ;) LOL ... but you are right, let's hope that it will be a good addiction in the end, or better soon ;)


Oh! lol..well I think wealthy would be very healthy! Hey this conversation was over already, I see the addiction is kicking in today!

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I have confidence
In it unless you can break
Your addiction! lol.

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Wowz this is neat-o. I ran outta gas at the end of the year. 1.4 million presses of the thumb on my 📱 is funny to see, (contemplate) 33rd degree 2019 steemian in the league will be difficult to maintain in 2020 but one never knows.. Happy new year Asher and thx for doing this and being an always approachable engager.. Picard out! 🖖

A storming effort for a mobile Steemer 😎

Thank you very much and have an awesome new year!

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

😱 What a surprise! I wasn't expecting an engagement league today and also wasn't expecting to get a prize but I'm happy I got one.
Thank you Asher, it's a nice surprise and I'm really happy I'm among those few who has not been using self upvote. My engagement is not what it was unfortunately but I'm hoping to improve next year.

Happy New Year to you too 😊

My pleasure. Perhaps it would look better if your sports account was added to your main. Either way, still an awesome tally. Have a great new year!

You too Asher, see you in the new year, let's hope it's going to be at least as good as the last one if not better 🙂

Cheers and happy new year!

Have a


Now I've finally got around to staking enough to distribute it!

Apparently not, but cheers nonetheless! 😁🍺

Oh OK it's only one a day, next time!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Very nice post @abh12345. I don’t recall you doing an annual review before, although I do recall an aggregate view being mentioned… 😉 Surprise, surprise, the incomparable @janton is on the top!

Excellent work by everyone, though, who are doing so much to make our individual “journeys” on our Steem blockchain a positive experience (plenty of others at work on the opposite end of the spectrum) …

And look at this!? Had prizes been awarded, you would have for our ”Hot Pink” winner for 2019! 😊 Okay, I’ll send you one … 😉

”The positive feedback I receive each week is all the motivation I need to continue the weekly post, which will soon be heading into it's 3rd year on the Steem blockchain.”

Great to know you will “keep on keepin’ on” into the New Year. All the best to you and yours for it being a great one! 👍


P.S. Looks like I made it to about “the 40 yard line” in the 2019 CEL “football” game. Not too bad I guess, especially since I "sat out" most of the 4th quarter ... 😊 As long as I am around, I can almost always be counted on to put a fair amount into my comments. Although, that has “fallen out of favor” it appears, post HF 21 / 22 ... And 2 more posts than my good friend @delishtreats! 😉

One more 'hot pink' prize for 2020, thank you kindly!

It is true that the vast majority of these prolific commentators choose to write words of encouragement and not the opposite. I guess the good has won out there :)

Best regards again for the New Year, I'm hopeful it'll be one to cheer.

Wow! Can’t believe I made the list at all but to see where is awesome! Maybe a sign of things to come for me once more! Thanks!

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10th for the year is very impressive, well done :)

Have a lovely New Year!

Hey @abh12345, I will notify you on December 30th 2020, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( your reminders , read more... )

I know that when you come to this community, you are still covered in deficiencies. I am sure I will be able to crawl up and make @janton a role model. Proud to join the community that makes the best works by supporting one another

Thank you @abh12345

Happy New Year

Warm regard from Indonesia

Thank you for the kind words @rokhani, have a wonderful new year.

31? Did I count that right? Certainly you made a Y2K type error @abh12345.

Thanks for the statistic man, good lookin out. And check out my post count.. got dang! Doin whatever it is I think I’m doing, and batting way below the league average on the total post count—“ouch!” I just hurt myself patting my back.

Happy 2020, Asher.

I didn't type, the numbers arrived on my screen :D

31 is rather excellent isn't it?

Yes you are well below the posting average, but with more rewards for curation these days this isn't so bad I guess.

Have a lovely New Year!

Thanks so much for the Steem I must say I am disappointed with my 6 Selfvotes will try to do better next year :)

6, yeah you should be :P

Amazing effort this year Jay, best of wishes for the next one!

LOL I know when they happened as well its when I have to clear the cache and history to get one site I use to work, and forget to adjust the setting down from 100% I am getting better at it :)

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020

Great effort by the top 100 over the year. Nice work by all. Bring 2020! Thanks for doing all the hard work behind the scenes putting the reports together Asher.

My pleasure, thanks for checking in :)

Way to go @janton! Congrats to everyone. Great work! I’m happy to make the list.

Thanks for all you do Asher.

🍾 Happy New Year! 🎉

Thank you, very kind. And yes, a storming effort from the J-man :)

Huge congrats to @Janton! He is consistently at the top of the eSteem leaderboard wracking up those eSteem tokens!
I'm pleasantly surprised to be in the top 10 and quite happy with my numbers... Except for those unintentional self votes. Sheeze!
Thanks so much for tallying up these numbers. It was the perfect ending to 2019! Happy New year, Asher!

Thank you Melinda, glad the year ended off with a suitable post here :)

Although off the weekly list like yourself, Janton has been engaging away like a goodun. Happy New Year!

Thanks so much Melinda! You are super consistent too and placed very well.

I was quite surprised to place in the top 10!I'm in good company!

Howdy today Melinda! Yes, great company indeed. I wasn't surprised though!(about your placing)

Really? I was surprised. I do half of what you do every day!

You are quite consistent though except when the Pack is playing. lol. I assume the results next year will be different for me but that depends on alot of factors, mainly the price of steem.

Everything I'm reading says the crypto winter is over and with facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and the U.S. government all coming out with their own coins the prices will skyrocket.

I certainly hope your price predictions are correct! 😀

Well I'm sure about the top rated cryptos but sometimes Steem doesn't follow along!

I'm spending more time now building my Steem Engine wallet than I am commenting!

Well that's probably a wiser investment in time!

I need to up my typing game instead of just reading :)

We like curators, even better if they leave a little comment too :)

Right on ! will do more this year :)

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Considering I was travelling for 3 months of the year, to finish top 30 (?) in the whole of 2019 is not bad going at all! Will take that!

Thanks for doing this and hope the boss didn't get too upset with you!

Oh and happy new year

A fine effort considering!

I received no 'what the hell are you doing to my database' message so I'm going to assume he's either ok with it/hungover/still partying :)

Happy New Year!

Hey, @abh12345.

Asher, blowing up my feed getting in last minute 2019 posts. :)

Okay, so I'm not sure exactly how to take this, knowing that a little over half the year, I hardly did anything, and yet, somehow, there I is in 15th place.

Must have done something the first five and a half months. :)

Well, thank you once again for all you do for STEEM, even when you're working full-time, moving, seeing your daughter, etc., etc. You put a smile on my face with this one. :)

Figures that @janton in stealth mode would still end up at the top of the charts.

It's been a while since you've seen two posts in one day for myself - New Years Eve without plans and under the weather gave me a whole day to myself.

I've had a few people wondering how they placed so highly, and I guess part of that is the 'competition' have dropped off a fair bit. Still, the numbers don't lie and everyone in that list deserves credit.

Thanks for your encouragement and support, wishing you and yours a superb 2020.

Howdy sir glen! I'm as shocked as ever because I really cut back in 2019! For being out of it even more you placed pretty darn good!

Hey, @janton.

Top 15—though something like a third of your score. :) Engagement is feeling like an endangered species, though, so we'll have to see what happens with 2020, Communities, SMTs and the hordes that are supposed to finally show because of them. :)

A very happy and prosperous new year to you and yours, sir!

Howdy sir glen and thank you! Yes, the experts that I'm reading about all expect cryptos to soar when fb, google, and the others bring out their coins. But sometimes Steem doesn't follow the rest of the altcoins for some reason as you know.

But if prices increase significantly I'd think the new membership would grow too. But maybe these other things like SMT's will make it grow without price increases.

Hey, @janton.

I'm wondering if it won't have the opposite effect, where people take their money out of the smaller alt coins like STEEM and put them into the Facebook (Google's doing one too?) etc.

I'm not sure what's going to be the allure of those coins, but it obviously won't be decentralization, privacy or transparency.

Maybe the idea is it will drive people to the alt coins for all of that? I don't know.

But then, I'm not claiming to be an expert, and I don't understand the investor mentality that much, so there you go. :)

I'm not sure why all these companies are racing to put out these coins but some people say that by creating their own currencies one or more of them could be adopted by the rest of the world and whoever can pull that off and make a one-world currency...well, they will be the most powerful person in the world.

So I think it ultimately might have to do with power. They already have all the wealth they could ever need. I do know that congress is kind of panicked at the moment because they can't stop these coins and they don't want to lose control of the money supply.

Which is why the feds are in the race too. If the feds get their coin set up, people are calling it the Fedcoin at the moment, and they see these other giant companies are rolling out their own coins...then the feds could force the end of paper money and into digital by saying a dollar is now worth one Fedcoin and that's the law now.

It would force everyone to convert to the Fedcoin.

You're right though about all these altcoins and having the opposite effect, I think that's very possible. How is steem even being marketed? You think they aren't marketing it right?

As far as I know, there isn't a concerted marketing effort going on for STEEM. At least not in any sustained, traditional way. And actually, not having ads flooding the airwaves or internet space is fine—but there really ought to be some kind of uniform message going out from us, the STEEM community—and when I say uniform, I mean, a consistent message of what STEEM is and what it can do and how that might help people.

There's enough diversity of living, thought and experience that people can tailor the message to fit their own groups. But within those micro-messages, there should be some kind of consistency with what STEEM is, what it can do, how it can help, etc. Tone should probably be similar somewhat, too, I think.

STEEM can be a lot of things to a lot of people, but there's also things STEEM expects from users, too. Stake to play is one. Some positivity and level of loyalty is another. Maybe that's more dependent on who's got the most stake weight, meaning who's making up the rules and enforcing them, but a dose of reality, positivity and some respect for STEEM's capabilities will go a long way, regardless.

re: coins

Well, see, that's just it. Facebook is worldwide, and if their coin suddenly allows people to do more than just buy and play games on Facebook—but it starts solving real life problems—then it's not just the US and our Congress that begins to lose hold on their citizens.

But the problem with the big companies doing this is they're already heavily regulated, and going to be even more so, by the governments they could potentially supplant, so I'm doubtful they'll be doing anything that would somehow undermine the government. It's more likely they will be doing the opposite—deter people from getting into cryptocurrency because of this or that.

Whether it's a monolithic federal government or an international conglomerate, which is influenced by many countries but not really controlled by any, neither really scream out "decentralized" or "private" or "uncensored."

So, basically, they'll control a narrative to educate the masses on what a cryptocurrency is, which won't include any of the things that has attracted the rest of us to them so far.

I agree sir glen but like your last sentence says, the information and education about cryptos will come and the sheeple will get in, just not for the same reason as we did. At least that's one possibility.

The only thing I know for sure is that big changes are coming in the financial realm and lots of forces will be battling it out for the top spots. I just wish I knew who is going to win so I can invest in them early!

OMG kind of shocked I'm in the Top 100. Guess I need to get back on track.

A lot of good work on average over the course of last year. Don't sweat it too much, it's important to be enjoying the ride :)

You know what is amazing? @wolfhart still made the top 100 :)

I miss him so much and glad he is still visible 😢

😥I can't Steem without thinking of him. We learned our way around so many Steem things together. @tarazkp You patiently answered all of our questions everytime we asked and every time we couldn't figure something out we knew we could go to you. @brittandjosie You were his dearest friend and I know you miss him so much.

Impressive indeed. @wolfhart was a big champion of the weekly post 😊

Even when battling things most of us would never be able to handle, he was still passionate about engagement and positive content. And yes... I miss him too...


Thanks for stopping by Wes, Happy New Year.

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Appreciate that you are always promoting engagement and diversity

Happy New Year

Thank you @whatsup, wishing you an awesome 2020!


"...which will soon be heading into it's 3rd year on the Steem blockchain."

Certainly nothing to take lightly! With the recent #newsteem antics of "I will become the next downvote king"... which sadly, has driven too many good people away... it's refreshing to see someone from the beginning... staying.

Congratulations to everyone that made the list; a worthy one at that! Had I time to join in, I most certainly would... but health and my...

I have this habit of going overboard with helping people...

... mindset, keeps me from joining things. But I thank you for your continued support and kindness. Let's hope 2020 will promote the true spirit of what this place really was founded on... Community

@alliedforces curate


!giphy Happy New Year

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Wow it feels like all I do is Steem in my free time (read in the middle of the night when my night owl self is awake while family is asleep) and I didn't even crack top 100. I blame that damn Discord

Thank you for all the awesomeness, @ahb12345!! Happy New Year to you, and yes -- let's make this an awesome year for Steem!

Thank you so much for the reward :D
What a pleasant surprise :)
Looking at the list... and figures.... woah!!
@janton and @tattoodjay ... That's a lot of text!!!
And @jayna, 7300 unique accounts? ooooh the people you must have crossed paths with ;)
Congratulations everyone

A Fabulous 2020 to you @abh12345
And to all!!!!

Howdy sir Asher! I about fell off my chair when I saw my name up there, I've backed off from commenting alot in 2019 so that's a pleasant surprise. Thanks so much for the steem and for doing this compilation!

Congratulations to all who made the Top 100. Awesome work for 2019.

Awesomeness! Go, @Janton! And of course, @tattoodjay and @brittandjosie! And thank you, Asher @abh12345 for fostering this kind of interaction. Even though I still continue pounding the keyboard, in the EL or not, it was you who made me aware of true engagement. I was never one to give a great write kind of answer, but, then it also taught me how to engage and make those interact a bit more. So thank you for that!

And of course, the whole league is a lot of fun.

Upped and Steemed -come on home with me!


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The cool thing about this list is a lot of these people are a part of @steemitbloggers. Go PHC!

WOW...That is very impressive indeed congrats to all and let's keep , keeping in touch 🙂

Job well done @abh12345 and Happy New Year to you and family 👍

Go 2020... Missed this previously, congratulations @Janton always great comments, @tattoodjay walks, comments and discussion, @brittandjosie chatting up a storm .

Thank you Asher @abh12345 for revealing how important comments are, they make every members day!

Great to recognize so many on the list, thanks to all for taking time to communicate.

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Well done to so many of our friends here!
Proud of all of you!

Congratulations and Happy New Year to you all! 🙏

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